Easy Rhyming :: Vowel Sounds

  V01 :: Easy Rhyming - map/nap, jab/cab, chat/fat, sad/mad, patch/batch, back/sack, bag/tag... and more
  V02 :: Easy Rhyming - tip/zip, bib/rib, kit/hit, hid/rid, pitch/witch, Midge/ridge, thick/sick, dig/rig... and more
  V03 :: Easy Rhyming - chop/mop, sob/knob, ought/shot, pod/nod, dodge/lodge, sock/knock, dog/fog... and more
  V04 :: Easy Rhyming - pup/sup, tub/hub, cut/shut, thud/mud, touch/much, judge/nudge, buck/luck, tug/lug... and more
  V05 :: Easy Rhyming - pep/yep, ebb/web, debt/let, dead/red, etch/fetch, edge/ledge, peck/wreck, egg/leg... and more
  V06 :: Easy Rhyming - cape/shape, babe/Gabe, bait/fate, shade/maid, page/wage, ache/lake... and more
  V07 :: Easy Rhyming - type/wipe, jibe/vibe, tight/height, I'd/side, bike/tyke... and more
  V08 :: Easy Rhyming - soap/hope, lobe/robe, coat/note, code/showed, coach/roach, choke/joke... and more
  V09 :: Easy Rhyming - coupe/hoop, tube/cube, suit/cute, chewed/feud, pooch/mooch, nuke/puke... and more
  V10 :: Easy Rhyming - cheap/weep, feet/wheat, keyed/she'd, each/teach, cheek/sheik... and more
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