Cued Speech

Deaf and hearing-impaired learners may be taught speech sound-units via CUED SPEECH:

V01/a/ Look, big crabs! [throat]

V02/i/ Look, big crabs! [throat]

V03/o/ boat dock [side forward]

V04/u/ sun [side down]

V05/e/ tall blue tent [ chin]

V06/ai/ moist snails [chin to 5 throat]

V07/igh/ light house [side to 5 throat]

V08/oa/ boat dock [side forward]

V09/ue/ tall blue tent [ chin]

V10/ei/ leisure [mouth]

V11/a/ tall blue tent [ chin]

V12/oo/ Look, big crabs! [throat]

V13/ou_e/ light house [side to 5 throat]

V14/oi/ moist snails [chin to 5 throat]

V15/ure/ leisure [mouth]

C16/p/ deep treasure [handshape 1]

C17/b/ white bone [handshape 4]

C18/t/ my taffy [handshape 5]

C19/d/ deep treasure [handshape 1]

C20/ch/ young child [handshape 8]

C21/j/ thin jogger [handshape 7]

C22/c/ the caves [handshape 2]

C23/gg/ thin jogger [handshape 7]

C24/ff/ my taffy [handshape 5]

C25/v/ the caves [handshape 2]

C26/th/ thin jogger [handshape 7]

C27/th/ the caves [handshape 2]

C28/s/ sea horse [handshape 3]

C29/s/ the caves [handshape 2]

C30/sh/ wet shell [handshape 6]

C31/s/ deep treasure [handshape 1]

C32/h/ sea horse [handshape 3]

C32+C36/wh/ white bone [handshape 4]

C33/m/ my taffy [handshape 5]

C34/n/ white bone [handshape 4]

C35/ng/ young child [handshape 8]

C36/w/ wet shell [handshape 6]

C37/ll/ wet shell [handshape 6]

C38/r/ sea horse [handshape 3]

C39/y/ young child [handshape 8]