Alphabet ≠ Sounds

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More than 42 million people have watched these colorful graphemes as they stretch and spin.  Many speech sound units are ignored because the lesson is ABC-based.

V01/a/ alligator, ax, apple, ambulance

V02/i/ igloo, internet, iguana, instruments

V03/o/ orange, octopus, olive, ostrich

V04/u/ umbrella, up, underwear, under

V05/e/ escalator, elephant, elevator, egg

V06 ???

V07 ???

V08 ???

V09 ???

V10 ???

V11 ???

V12 ???

V13 ???

V14 ???

V15 ???

C16/p/ pencil, panda, pig, penguin

C17/b/ bat, ball, bus, bed

C18/t/ television, ten, tomato, tent

C19/d/ dolphin, dog, dinosaur, duck

C20 ???

C21/j/ jello, jacket, jam, juice

C22/c/ cat, cow, car, cap

C22/k/ kangaroo, koala, kite, key

C22+C28/x/ x-ray, fox, box

C22+C36/qu/ quiet, question, queen, quilt

C23/g/ girl, gorilla, guitar, grapes

C24/f/ feet, fish, frog, fire

C25/v/ volcano, violin, vacuum, van

C26 ???

C27 ???

C28/s/ sandwich, sun, sock, sausage

C29/z/ zig-zag, zipper, zebra, zoo

C29/x/ xylophone

C30 ???

C31 ???

C32/h/ hippo, helicopter, hat, horse

C33/m/ monkey, moon, milk, mouse

C34/n/ nose, net, no, note

C35 ???

C36/w/ web, watch, weather, windmill

C37/l/ lemon, lollipop, leg, lion

C38/r/ ring, robot, rocket, rabbit

C39/y/ yo-yo, yellow, yogurt, yacht



ABCs predominate in Highlights PUZZLEMANIA workbook activities.


“Music Q’s” does not help learner know that vowels are sounds, not letters.  While some sound-letter patterns match letter-sound patterns, some do not and are misrepresented.


  • V02/I/ V02/I/ V13/OW/ V05/E/


  • V04/E/ V11/A/ V01/A/ V04/~E/ V01/A/ V15/ER/


  • V01/A/ V10/Y/ V15/IR/ V06/AY/ V09/O/ V09/OU/


  • V02/I/ V04/~E/ V05/E/


  • V01/A/ V10/EY/ V09/OO/ V04/~E/


  • V06/A_E/ V10/E/ V13/OU/ V09/O/ V04/E/ V11/A/ V06/A_E/


“Word for Words” requires using Letters /U/, /M/, /B/, /R/, /E/, /L/, /L/, /A/ to make 15 other words – letter-by-letter – sea, bus, bell, Mars, meal, ball, bear, ears, mule, blue, same, smell, lumber, smaller, marbles.  This task does not promote reading competence because, if a child knew literal sound-spellings, she would recognize that words are built sound-by-sound.  Here are errors:

V04 spelled Letter /U/ ≠ C39+V09/u_e/ mule; V09/ue/ blue

C38 spelled Letter /R/ ≠ V15/er/ lumber, smaller

V05 spelled Letter /E/ ≠ V06/a_e/ same; V06/ea/ bear; C39+V09/u_e/ mule; V09/ue/ blue; V10/ea/ ears, sea, meal; V15/er/ lumber, smaller

C37 spelled Letters /LL/ ≠ C37/l/ meal, mule, blue, lumber, marbles

V04 spelled Letter /A/ ≠ V06/a_e/ same; V06/ea/ bear; V10/ea/ ears, sea, meal; V11/a/ Mars, ball, smaller, marbles


“Scrambled Birds” is a game to unscramble letter-by-letter.  Compare to bird names scrambled sound-by-sound and syllable-by-syllable.


  • DEVO
  • C25/V/ V04/O_E/ C19/D/


  • CORW
  • C38/R/ V08/OW/ C22/C/


  • WKAH
  • C22/K/ V11/AW/ C32/H/


  • NASW
  • C36/W/ V11/A/ C34/N/ C28/S/


  • C34/N/ V02/I/ C38/R/ V03/O/ C17/B/


  • C22/K/ C38/R/ V08/O/ C18/T/ C28/S/


  • C28/S/ C23/G/ V09/OO_E/


  • C21/G/ V04/EO/ C34/N/ C16/P/ V02/I/


  • C38/R/ V04/O/ C18/T/ C16/P/ V01/A/


  • C38/R/ V08/OW/ C28/S/ C16/P/ V01/A/


  • V02/I/ C35/N/ C23/G/ V09/U/ C16/P/ V05/E/ C34/N/


  • C23/G/ V08/O/ C33/M/ V02/I/ C35/NG/ C24/F/ C37/L/ V04/A/


  • C34/N/ V04/A/ C37/L/ C19/D/ V02/I/ C22/C/ V11/A/ C38/R/

Get inspired…

Good news!  Back in 2008, for Google’s Project 10^100, I described WordsAhead as a core language learning system where words-to-be-read will be taught by spelling individual sound-units.  My vision then was to create an on-line “word bank” based on my innovative encoding algorithm to help language learners correctly pronounce and spell pertinent vocabulary.  After decades of scientific research and billions of federal dollars for a variety of educational initiatives, improvements remain small in magnitude.  WordsAhead wants to restructure language learning by shifting the focus to granular sound-units.  Still.


V02/i/ Innovation Associations

V02/i/ Innovation Incubators

V02/i/ Innovators

V02/i/ Videographers

V03/o/ Podcasters

V03/ough/ Thought Leaders in Innovation Space

V04/o/ Community Director of XPRIZE

V04/o/ Community Management

V05/e/ Enthusiasts

V05/e/ Ex-Team Leaders

V05/e/ Ex-Team Members

V05/e/ Ex-Team Sponsors

V05/e/ Ex-Team Support Group



V08/o/ Photographers

V08/oa/ Board of Trustees of XPRIZE


C39+V09/u/ Future Team Leaders

C39+V09/u/ Future Team Media

C39+V09/u/ Future Team Members

C39+V09/u/ Future Team Sponsors

C39+V09/u/ Future Team Support Gorup

C39+V09/u/ Future Team Winners

V10/-/ CEO of XPRIZE

V10/e/ Event Management

V10/e/ Reporters

V10/ea/ Leaders

V10/ea/ Team Leaders

V10/ea/ Team Members

V10/ea/ Team Sponsors

V10/ea/ Team Support Group

V10/ea/ Team Winners





V15/our/ Journalists

My favorite!

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 11.02.42 AM

Teach spelling and reading with math vocabulary.

1 V01/a_e/ halves K
2 V01/a/ add K
3 V01/a/ add < add(ition) = addition K
4 V01/a/ addend 1st
5 V01/a/ after K
6 V01/a/ after + noon = afternoon K
7 V01/a/ algebra 1st
8 V01/a/ analog clock K
9 V01/a/ angle 1st
10 V01/a/ attribute 1st
11 V01/a/ back K
12 V01/a/ balance scale K
13 V01/a/ calendar K
14 V01/a/ capacity K
15 V01/a/ category K
16 V01/a/ character(istic)(s) = characteristics K
17 V01/a/ class(ify) = classify K
18 V01/a/ fact family < famil(-)(ies) = fact families K
19 V01/a/ fraction(al) = fractional part 1st
20 V01/a/ fraction(s) = fractions K
21 V01/a/ gram K
22 V01/a/ half circle K
23 V01/a/ half hour 1st
24 V01/a/ half of K
25 V01/a/ half past 1st
26 V01/a/ January = 1st month K
27 V01/a/ last K
28 V01/a/ mathematics (“math”) 1st
29 V01/a/ pattern 1st
30 V01/a/ random K
31 V01/a/ Saturday K
32 V01/a/ tally chart 1st
33 V01/a/ transform(ation) = transformation 1st
34 V01/a/ translate < transla(–)(tion) = translation 1st
35 V02/i/ differ K
36 V02/i/ differ(ence) = difference 1st
37 V02/i/ differ(ent) = different K
38 V02/i/ differ(s) = differs K
39 V02/i/ digit 1st
40 V02/i/ digit(al) = digital K
41 V02/i/ digital clock K
42 V02/i/ dissimilar = (dis)similar K
43 V02/i/ division K
44 V02/i/ fifteen = 15 K
45 V02/i/ fifth = 5th K
46 V02/i/ fifty = 50 K
47 V02/i/ flip(s) = flips K
48 V02/i/ grid K
49 V02/i/ impossible = (im)possible 1st
50 V02/i/ in + side = inside K
51 V02/i/ in common K
52 V02/i/ in front of K
53 V02/i/ inch 1st
54 V02/i/ irregular = (ir)regular 1st
55 V02/i/ iterate K
56 V02/i/ middle K
57 V02/i/ mint K
58 V02/i/ minuend 1st
59 V02/i/ minute :: 60 minute(s) per hour 1st
60 V02/i/ minute hand K
61 V02/i/ mirror image 1st
62 V02/i/ nickel = 5¢ K
63 V02/i/ picture graph K
64 V02/i/ similar K
65 V02/i/ six = 6 K
66 V02/i/ six(th) = 6th K
67 V02/i/ sixteen = 16 K
68 V02/i/ sixty = 60 K
69 V02/i/ spring K
70 V02/i/ stick figure K
71 V02/i/ thick K
72 V02/i/ thin K
73 V02/i/ width 1st
74 V02/i/ winter K
75 V02/y/ cylinder 1st
76 V02/y/ pyramid 1st
77 V02/y/ symbol K
78 V02/y/ symmetry K
79 V03/o/ bottom K
80 V03/o/ clock K
81 V03/o/ clock + wise = clockwise 1st
82 V03/o/ column K
83 V03/o/ combine < combin(-)(ation) = combination K
84 V03/o/ common K
85 V03/o/ common edge K
86 V03/o/ dollar K
87 V03/o/ dollar symbol = $ 1st
88 V03/o/ long(er) = longer K
89 V03/o/ long(est) = longest K
90 V03/o/ octagon 1st
91 V03/o/ October = 10th month K
92 V03/o/ odd K
93 V03/o/ odd number 1st
94 V03/o/ off K
95 V03/o/ on K
96 V03/o/ operate < opera(–)(tion) = operation 1st
97 V03/o/ possible combination(s) = combinations K
98 V03/o/ probable < probab(–)(ility) = probability K
99 V03/o/ rhombus K
100 V03/o/ solid figure 1st
101 V03/o/ top K
102 V03/o/ volume K
103 V04/a/ abbreviate < abbrevia(–)(tion) = abbreviation K
104 V04/a/ above K
105 V04/a/ adjacent K
106 V04/a/ alarm K
107 V04/a/ alike = (a)like K
108 V04/a/ array K
109 V04/a/ Associative Property of Addition K
110 V04/e/ degree 1st
111 V04/e/ the same K
112 V04/e/ the same time K
113 V04/e/ the same weight K
114 V04/o_e/ none K
115 V04/o_e/ one = 1 K
116 V04/o_e/ one hundred = 100 K
117 V04/o/ color by number K
118 V04/o/ combine K
119 V04/o/ Commutative Property of Addition K
120 V04/o/ compare K
121 V04/o/ compose < compos(-)(ite) = composite shape K
122 V04/o/ dozen = 12 K
123 V04/o/ Monday K
124 V04/o/ money K
125 V04/o/ month :: 12 month(s) per year K
126 V04/o/ nothing K
127 V04/u/ number K
128 V04/u/ number line K
129 V04/u/ number sentence 1st
130 V04/u/ number series 1st
131 V04/u/ plus K
132 V04/u/ subtract K
133 V04/u/ subtract < subtrat(-)(tion) = subtraction 1st
134 V04/u/ subtrahend 1st
135 V04/u/ sum K
136 V04/u/ summer K
137 V04/u/ Sunday K
138 V04/u/ under K
139 V04/u/ unlikely = (un)likely event 1st
140 V05/a/ many K
141 V05/ah/ Fahrenheit K
142 V05/e_e/ edge K
143 V05/e_e/ twelve = 12 K
144 V05/e/ Celsius K
145 V05/e/ cent symbol = ¢ 1st
146 V05/e/ centimeter 1st
147 V05/e/ check mark K
148 V05/e/ decimal point   . K
149 V05/e/ ellipse K
150 V05/e/ error K
151 V05/e/ estimate 1st
152 V05/e/ experiment K
153 V05/e/ express(ion) = expression K
154 V05/e/ February = 2nd month K
155 V05/e/ hexagon 1st
156 V05/e/ left K
157 V05/e/ length 1st
158 V05/e/ less K
159 V05/e/ less than   < 1st
160 V05/e/ less time K
161 V05/e/ next K
162 V05/e/ penny = $0.01 = 1¢ K
163 V05/e/ pentagon 1st
164 V05/e/ rectangle K
165 V05/e/ second :: 60 second(s) per minute 1st
166 V05/e/ second = 2nd K
167 V05/e/ September = 9th month K
168 V05/e/ set K
169 V05/e/ seven K
170 V05/e/ seven(th) = 7th K
171 V05/e/ seventeen = 17 K
172 V05/e/ seventy = 70 K
173 V05/e/ temperature 1st
174 V05/e/ ten = 10 K
175 V05/e/ ten(th) = 10th K
176 V05/e/ twenty = 20 K
177 V05/e/ Venn Diagram 1st
178 V05/e/ Wednesday K
179 V05/e/ yes/no question K
180 V05/e/ yesterday K
181 V05/ea/ head(s) = heads K
182 V05/ea/ heavier than 1st
183 V05/ea/ heavy < heav(-)(i)(er) = heavier K
184 V06/a_e/ change K
185 V06/a_e/ face K
186 V06/a_e/ maze K
187 V06/a_e/ range K
188 V06/a_e/ same K
189 V06/a_e/ same length K
190 V06/a_e/ scale K
191 V06/a_e/ shade < shad(-)(ed) = shaded K
192 V06/a_e/ shape K
193 V06/a_e/ square K
194 V06/a_e/ state K
195 V06/a_e/ take away K
196 V06/a_e/ trace K
197 V06/a/ April = 4th month K
198 V06/a/ data K
199 V06/ai/ pair K
200 V06/ai/ tail(s) = tails K
201 V06/aigh/ straight K
202 V06/ay/ day :: 7 day(s) per week K
203 V06/ay/ May = 5th month K
204 V06/ay/ pay K
205 V06/ay/ ray 1st
206 V06/ea/ great(er) = greater than 1st
207 V06/ea/ great(est)   = greatest value K
208 V06/eigh/ eight < eigh(-)(th) = eighth = 8th K
209 V06/eigh/ eight = 8 K
210 V06/eigh/ weigh K
211 V06/eigh/ weight K
212 V07/eigh/ height 1st
213 V07/i_e/ dice K
214 V07/i_e/ dime = 10¢ K
215 V07/i_e/ five = 5 K
216 V07/i_e/ likely event 1st
217 V07/i_e/ line 1st
218 V07/i_e/ line segment 1st
219 V07/i_e/ line(s) = lines of symmetry K
220 V07/i_e/ nine < nin(-)(th) = ninth = 9th K
221 V07/i_e/ nine = 9 K
222 V07/i_e/ nineteen = 19 K
223 V07/i_e/ ninety = 90 K
224 V07/i_e/ price tag K
225 V07/i_e/ side 1st
226 V07/i_e/ slide(s) = slides K
227 V07/i_e/ time K
228 V07/i_e/ dime = 10¢ K
229 V07/i_e/ line graph 1st
230 V07/i/ diagonal K
231 V07/i/ diamond K
232 V07/i/ direct < direc(-)(tion)(s) = directions K
233 V07/i/ Friday K
234 V07/i/ minus K
235 V07/i/ ninth = 9th K
236 V07/i/ triangle = (tri)angle K
237 V07/ia/ trial K
238 V07/ie/ pie chart K
239 V07/igh/ high(er) = higher K
240 V07/igh/ high(est) = highest K
241 V07/igh/ light(er) = lighter than K
242 V07/igh/ night K
243 V07/igh/ right K
244 V08/a/ quarter coin = 25¢ K
245 V08/o_e/ close(d) = closed figure/shape 1st
246 V08/o_e/ cone 1st
247 V08/o_e/ mode K
248 V08/o_e/ more K
249 V08/o_e/ more time K
250 V08/o_e/ whole 1st
251 V08/o/ colon : K
252 V08/o/ corner 1st
253 V08/o/ forty = 40 K
254 V08/o/ forward K
255 V08/o/ horizontal K
256 V08/o/ morning K
257 V08/o/ most K
258 V08/o/ most-to-least 1st
259 V08/o/ November = 11th month K
260 V08/o/ o’clock K
261 V08/o/ open figure/shape 1st
262 V08/o/ ordinal K
263 V08/o/ ordinal number 1st
264 V08/o/ oval K
265 V08/o/ over K
266 V08/o/ over + lap(p)(ing) = overlapping K
267 V08/o/ rotate < rota(–)(tion) = rotation 1st
268 V08/o/ short K
269 V08/o/ short(er) = shorter K
279 V08/o/ short(est) = shortest K
271 V08/o/ total K
272 V08/ou/ four = 4 K
273 V08/ou/ fourteen = 14 K
274 V08/ou/ fourth = 4th K
275 V08/ou/ fourth of 1st
276 V08/ou/ fourth(s) = fourths 1st
277 V08/ow/ low(er) = lower K
278 V08/ow/ low(est) = lowest K
279 V08/ow/ row K
280 V09/o/ today K
281 V09/o/ tomorrow K
282 V09/o/ two = 2 K
283 V09/u_e/ June = 6th month K
284 V09/u/ July = 7th month K
285 V09/u/ numeral 1st
286 V09/u/ numerate < numerat(-)(or) = numerator 1st
287 V09/ue/ clue K
288 V09/ue/ Tuesday K
289 V09~C39/ew/ few K
290 V09~C39/ew/ few(er) = fewer K
291 V09~C39/ew/ few(est) = fewest K
292 V09~C39/u_e/ cube K
293 V09~C39/u/ unique 1st
294 V10/e_e/ sphere 1st
295 V10/e/ before K
296 V10/e/ behind K
297 V10/e/ belong(s) = belongs K
298 V10/e/ below K
299 V10/e/ between K
300 V10/e/ December = 12th month K
301 V10/e/ decompose = (de)compose K
302 V10/e/ degree K
303 V10/e/ denominator = nominate < (de)nominat(-)(or) = denominator 1st
304 V10/e/ eleven = 11 K
305 V10/e/ equal = K
306 V10/e/ equal shares K
307 V10/e/ equal(s) = equals K
308 V10/e/ equate < equa(–)(tion) = equation 1st
309 V10/e/ even K
310 V10/e/ even number 1st
311 V10/e/ evening K
312 V10/e/ geometry < geometr(-)(ic) = geometric solid 1st
313 V10/e/ reflect < reflec(-)(tion) = reflection 1st
314 V10/e/ regroup = (re)group 1st
315 V10/e/ represent 1st
316 V10/e/ sequence K
317 V10/e/ series of events 1st
318 V10/e/ zero = 0 K
319 V10/ea/ least K
320 V10/ea/ least value 1st
321 V10/ea/ least-to-greatest 1st
322 V10/ea/ season(s) = seasons K
323 V10/ea/ year(s) = years K
324 V10/ee/ three = 3 K
325 V10/ee/ week :: about 4 week(s) per month K
326 V10/i/ liter 1st
327 V11/a_e/ large K
328 V11/a_e/ large < larg(-)(est) = largest K
329 V11/a/ bar graph K
330 V11/a/ cardinal K
331 V11/a/ fall K
332 V11/a/ March = 3rd month K
333 V11/a/ quality < quali(–)(tative) = qualitative K
334 V11/a/ quantity < quanti(–)(tative) = quantitative K
335 V11/a/ small K
336 V11/a/ small(est) = smallest K
337 V11/a/ tall(er) = taller K
338 V11/a/ watch K
339 V11/au/ August = 8th month K
340 V12/ou_e/ route K
341 V13/hou/ hour :: 24 hour(s) per day K
342 V13/hou/ hour hand K
343 V13/ou/ count K
344 V13/ou/ count back K
345 V13/ou/ count on K
346 V13/ou/ count(ing) = counting up K
347 V13/ou/ out + side = outside K
348 V13/ou/ pound K
349 V14/oi/ coin(s) = coins K
350 V15/er/ certain event 1st
351 V15/er/ vertex 1st
352 V15/er/ vertical K
353 V15/ir/ circle K
354 V15/ir/ first = 1st K
355 V15/ir/ third = 3rd K
356 V15/ir/ thirteen = 13 K
357 V15/ir/ thirty = 30 K
358 V15/ur_e/ curve K
359 V15/ur/ Thursday K
360 V15/ur/ turn(s) = turns K

Get It?!

Consumers won’t really know what they want until they get it.  Anticipation.  Optimism.  Idealism.  Truth.  Power.  Voice.  Learning.

V01/a/ anticipation

V02/i/ it

V02/i/ will not

V03/o/ optimism

V04/u/ until

V04/a/ what

V04/o/ consumers = consumer(s)

V05/e/ get

V06/ey/ they

V07/i/ idealism = ideal(ism)

V08/o/ won’t = will not

V08/ow/ know

V09/u/ truth

V10/ea/ really = real(l)(y)

V11/a/ want

V12/oo/ goodness = good(ness)

V13/ow/ power

V14/oi_e/ voice

V15/ear/ learning

Do *CloudSpelling* Now!

V01/a/ Abstractions will become concrete

V01/a/ Clarify sound-letter confusions

V01/a/ “Granularity” (smallest sound-units) and “Singularity”

V01/a/ Manifest Bloom’s Taxonomy

V01/a/ Master sound-sequencing

V01/a/ Mastery, one word at a time

V01/a/ Practice makes permanent

V01/a/ Transcend English inconsistencies


V02/i/ If not YOU, then who?

V02/i/ If you have ears, please listen!

V02/i/ Improve your own understanding

V02/i/ Input. Code. Store. Access.

V02/i/ Springboard to other activities

V02/i/ This learning is self-perpetuating

V02/i_e/ Give correct and direct instruction


V03/o/ Conscientious word study

V03/o/ Consonants are C16-C39

V03/o/ Noninstitutionalized, noncommercial, nonprofit


V04/a/ Accomplish your language goals

V04/o/ Consolidate language foundations


V05/e/ Effective with any literature

V05/e/ Embrace life-long learning

V05/e/ Empower your learners

V05/e/ Engage learners of all ages

V05/e/ Examine relative complexities

V05/e/ Examine sound-sorted word lists

V05/e/ Extreme phoneme segmentation

V05/e/ Extreme phonetic analysis

V05/e/ Extreme speech sound awareness

V05/e/ Extreme word analysis

V05/e/ Get an “ear” for English sounds

V05/e/ Get and give a sound foundation

V05/e/ Get clarity for proper teaching

V05/e/ Get ready ahead-of-time

V05/e/ Get smart with WA

V05/e/ Segment words by sound


V06/a_e/ Make remediation unnecessary

V06/a/ AKA “Equational Literacy” E = V + C   E – C = V

V06/ai/ Brain-friendly lessons

V06/ay/ Way to grow confident readers


V07/i/ Identify individual phonemes

V07/i/ Mindfully focus on word-structure

V07/i/ Primal sounds vs. ABCs


V08/o_e/ Code speech sounds (encode/decode)

V08/o_e/ More precise.  More versatile.

V08/o/ Don’t major on the minors!

V08/o/ No skipping.  No guessing.

V08/o/ Phonemes vs. Graphemes

V08/o/ Phonemes will trump graphemes

V08/o/ Phonemic analysis for beginners

V08/o/ Phonemic awareness is not accidental

V08/o/ Phonemic processing is crucial

V08/o/ Profound instructional implications

V08/o/ Pronounce and spell speech sounds

V08/o/ Provide proper direction


V09/oo_e/ Choose your own literature

V09/ew/ Newer research, newer pedagogy


V10/-/ V01 through C39

V10/e/ Become consciously aware of speech sounds

V10/e/ Decide for yourself

V10/e/ Demystify alphabetic complexities

V10/e/ Precise sound-spellings

V10/e/ Prerequisite, not optional

V10/e/ Prerequisite to language success

V10/e/ Reliably predict achievement

V10/ea/ Easier sooner, harder later

V10/ea/ Easily drill 39 English speech sounds

V10/ea/ Clear-headed approach for all ages

V10/ea/ Hear and see speech sounds

V10/ea/ Hear every sound in spoken words

V10/ea/ Speak-to-spell for explicit recall

V10/ea/ Teach to the smallest factor


V11/a/ Articulations, not fonts

V11/au/ Auditory/visual input-to-memory


V12/oo/ Good for auditory/visual memory


V13/ou/ Sound knowledge equals sound instruction

V13/ou/ Sounds are heard, said, seen, read

V13/ow/ Vowels are V01-V15


V14/oy/ Boys and girls need WA


V15/ear/ Learn sound-letter correspondences

V15/ear/ Learn speech sounds and their spellings

V15/ear/ Learn to process speech sounds with…


[These are AdWords phrases]

Words to use instead of “SAID”

V01/a/ asked, answered, added, advanced, babbled, blasted, clarified, gasped, sang, spat, stammered, snapped, zapped; V01/au/ laughed


V02/i/ interrupted, instructed, inquired, insisted, insulted, interjected, ignored, blinked, discussed, hissed, sniffed, spilled, whispered, whimpered, wiggled, whistled


V03/o/ offered, commented, complimented, hollered, nodded, promised, sobbed; V03/ou/ coughed; V03/ough/ thought


V04/u/ uttered, cuddled, grumped, gushed, grumbled, hummed, jumped, mumbled, muttered, shrugged, stuttered, suggested, thundered; V04/a/ announced, accused, agreed, asserted, assured; V04/o/ observed, complained, confessed, commanded, consented, concerted, committed, continued


V05/e/ exclaimed, explained, expressed, excused, exaggerated, begged, belched, fretted, jested, memorized, questioned, spelled, stressed, ventured, yelled; V05/ue/ guessed


V06/a_e/ dared, glared, shamed, stated; V06/a/ stated; V06/ai/ claimed, wailed, waited; V07/i_e/ griped, smiled, whined


V07/i/ chided, directed; V07/ie/ cried, lied; V07/igh/ sighed


V08/o_e/ hoped, joked, spoke, snored, swore; V08/o/ ordered, noted, pronounced, snorted, told; V08/oa/ groaned, moaned, roared; V08/a/ warned


V09/oo/ crooned, cooed, swooned; V09/oo_e/ snoozed


V10/ee/ greeted, jeered, leered, sneered, screeched; V10/ee_e/ sneezed; V10/e/ beseeched, declared, demanded, described, predicted, queried, responded, reassured, replied, remarked, rejoined, repeated, rebuked, recalled, reminded, retorted, required, requested, remembered; V10/ea/ pleaded, screamed, squeaked; V10/ea_e/ teased


V11/a/ argued, barked, barfed, called, snarled, sparked, swallowed, wanted; V11/au/ haunted; V11/aw/ dawdled, yawned


V12/u/ put, pushed


V13/ow/ frowned, growled, howled, vowed; V13/ou/ counted, grouched, shouted


V14/oi/ joined; V14/oi_e/ voiced


V15/ir/ smirked; V15/orr/ worried; V15/ur/ burped, burst, gurgled, murmured, purposed; V15/urr/ hurried

Bilingual Lesson

HOMEROOM reports that almost 5 million students in the U.S. are English learners (9%).  Spanish-speaking students might enjoy this language lesson during the holiday season.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the casa (home),

Not a creature was stirring –

Caramba!  (Damn it!)  Que pasa? (What up?)

Los ninos (the children) were tucked away in their camas (beds),

Some in long underwear, some in pajamas.

While hanging the stocking with mucho cuidado (great care)

in hopes that old Santa would feel obligado (obligated)

to bring all children, both buenos (good) and malos (bad),

A nice batch of dulces (sweets) and other regalos (gifts).

Outside in the yard there arose such a grito (shout)

That I jumped to my feet like a frightened cabrito (kid).

I ran to the window and looked afuera (out),

And who in the world do you think that era (it was)?

Saint Nick in a sleigh and a big red sombrero (hat)

Came dashing along like a crazy bombero (firefighter).

And pulling his sleigh, instead of venados (deer),

Were eight little burros (donkeys) approaching volados (by flying).

I watched as they came and this quaint little hombre (man)

Was shouting and whistling and calling by nombre (name:

“Ay (Oh) Pancho, ay Pepe, ay Cuco, ay Berto,

Ay Chato, ay Chopo, Macuco, y Nieto!”

Then standing erect with hands on his pecho (chest)

He flew to the top of our very own techo (ceiling).

With his round little belly like a bowl of jalea (jelly),

He struggled to squeeze down our old chimenea (chimney).

Then huffing and puffing, at last in our sala (room),

With soot smeared all over his red suit de gala (party clothes),

He filled all the stockings with lovely regalos (gifts) –

For none of the ninos (chidren) had been very malos (bad).

Then chuckling aloud, seeming very contento (happy),

He turned like a flash and was gone like the viento (wind).

And I heard him exclaim, and this is veridad (true),






V05 –or – V06/e/ era, de, que, pecho, Pepe, Berto, Feliz, techo, regalos, venados, veridad


V08/o/obligado, los, Chopo, hombre, nombre, bombero, contento, sombrero, volados

V09/u/ burro, Cuco, buenos, dulces, mucho, cuidado

V09/ui/ suit

V10/i/ grito, ninos, Nieto, viento, chimenea

V11/a/ ay, afuera, Chato, camas, casa, pasa, gala, Pancho, malos, salsa, cabrito, caramba, jalea, Macuco, Navidad





Could I… ???

Could I practice bold virtue in every thought, my joys would surely multiply.  The further I go, the less I know; somehow there is always MORE to explore.

V01/a/ practice

V02/i/ in, is

V03/ough/ thought

V04/u/ multiply

V04/e/ the

V04/o_e/ some, somehow

V05/e/ every, explore, less

V06/ay/ may

V06/e_e/ there

V07/i/ I

V07/y/ my

V08/o_e/ more

V08/o/ go, bold

V08/ow/ know

V09/o/ to

V10/e/ because

V11/a/ always

V12/ou/ could, would

V13/ow/ how

V14/oy/ joy(s)

V15/ir/ virtue

V15/ur/ further

V15/ure/ surely

Your child can become a language-coding SUPERSTAR!!

WordsAhead Word Lists help you parse and pronounce exact vocabulary used by many popular children’s book authors, here listed in “V01 through V15” order:


V01/a/ Abercrombie, Barbara

V01/a/ Adler, David

V01/a/ Adnet, Bernard

V01/a/ Allard, Harry

V01/a/ Angelou, Maya

V01/a/ Asch, Frank

V01/a/ Ashman, Howard

V01/a/ Bang, Molly

V01/a/ Bannerman, Helen

V01/a/ Barrett, Joyce

V01/a/ Blaxland, Wendy

V01/a/ Campbell, Rod

V01/a/ Cannon, Janell

V01/a/ Carrick, Carol

V01/a/ Crampton, Gertrude

V01/a/ Dabcovich, Lydia

V01/a/ Danneberg, Julie

V01/a/ Franklin, Benjamin

V01/a/ Glassman, Jackie

V01/a/ Hallinan, P. K.

V01/a/ Hanford, Martin

V01/a/ Jackson, K. and B.

V01/a/ Maccarone, Grace

V01/a/ Pandell, Karen

V01/a/ Parish, Peggy

V01/a/ Raffi

V01/a/ Rathmann, Peggy

V01/a/ Sams, Carle

V01/a/ Samuels, Vyanne

V01/a/ Sanchez, Isidro

V01/a/ Sanders, Scott

V01/a/ Scarry, Richard

V01/a/ Shannon, David

V01/a/ Taback, Simms

V01/a/ Tafolla, Carmen

V01/a/ Tang, Greg

V01/a/ VanFleet, Matthew


V02/i/ Brillhart, Julie

V02/i/ Cimarusti, Marie

V02/i/ Gilbert, Ray

V02/i/ Ginsburg, Mirra

V02/i/ Hill, Eric

V02/i/ Kitamura, Satoshi

V02/i/ Lincoln, Abraham

V02/i/ Ling, Mary

V02/i/ Lithgow, John

V02/i/ Littledale, Freya

V02/i/ Miller, Margaret

V02/i_e/ Milne, A. A.

V02/i/ Pinkney, Bill

V02/i/ Priddy, Roger

V02/i/ Rich, Anna

V02/i/ Risom, Ole

V02/i/ Silberg, Francis

V02/i/ Silverstein, Shel

V02/i/ Strickland, Paul

V02/i/ Twist, Lynne

V02/i/ Zimmerman, Andrea

V02/ie/ Sieszka, Jon

V02/i/ Wilbur, Richard

V02/i_e/ Wilkes, Angela

V02/i/ Williams, Margery

V02/i/ Williams, Sue

V02/i/ Williams, Vera

V02/i/ Wing, Natasha

V02/y_e/ Gwynne, Fred


V03/o/ Oppenheim, S. L.

V03/o/ Oxenbury, Helen

V03/o/ Bond, Felicia

V03/o/ Bond, Michael

V03/o/ Connors, Carol

V03/o/ Conrad, Pam

V03/o/ Dodd, Lynley

V03/o/ Fox, Mem

V03/o/ Hoff, Syd

V03/o/ Kotzwinkle, William

V03/o/ Potter, Beatrix

V03/o/ Roberts, Elizabeth M.

V03/o/ Rogers, Fred

V03/o/ Scott, Ann

V03/o/ Thomas, Joyce Carol

V03/o/ Thompson, Gare

V03/o/ Tompert, Ann

V03/oh/ John, Elton

V03/oh/ Johnson, Angela

V03/oh/ Johnson, Crockett

V03/oh/ Johnson, D. B.


V04/-/ McBratney, Sam

V04/-/ McCloskey, Robert

V04/-/ McDonald, Megan

V04/-/ McGuinness, Carmen and Geoffrey

V04/-/ McKisack, Pat

V04/-/ McPhail, David

V04/u/ Bunting, Eve

V04/u/ Hutchins, Pat

V04/u/ Muldoon, Kathleen

V04/u/ Munsch, Robert

V04/u/ Munsinger, Lynn

V04/u/ Puncel, Maria

V04/u/ Runnells, Treesha

V04/u/ Schultz, Charles

V04/u/ Sutherland, Tui

V04/e/ de Brunhoff, Jean

V04/e/ Demuth, Patricia

V04/e/ Medearis, Michael

V04/e/ Petrone, Valeria

V04/e/ Prelutsky, Jack

V04/a/ Chabot, Jean-Phillips

V04/a/ Gramatky, Hardie

V04/a/ Havill, Juanita

V04/a/ Karas, G. Brian

V04/a/ Trapani, Iza

V04/o/ Monro, Leaf

V04/o/ Mother Goose

V04/o/ Mother Terersa

V04/o/ Polacco, Patricia

V04/oo/ Blood, Charles

V04/ou/ Cousins, Lucy

V04/ou/ Douglass, Barbara

V04/ou/ Young, Ed


V05/e/ Ellis, Veronica Freeman

V05/e/ Eminem

V05/e/ Epstein, Elaine

V05/e/ Bemelmans, Ludwig

V05/e/ Bennett, Jill

V05/e/ Berenstain, Stan and Jan

V05/e/ Blegvad, Lenore

V05/e/ Brett, Jan

V05/e/ Clements, Andrew

V05/e/ Demi

V05/e/ Feldman, Jack

V05/e/ Gentieu, Penny

V05/e/ Heller, Ruth

V05/e/ Henkes, Kevin

V05/e/ Keller, Holly

V05/e/ Kellogg, Steve

V05/e/ Kennedy, Edward M.

V05/e/ Lenski, Lois

V05/e/ Levinson, Riki

V05/e/ Levitin, Sonia

V05/e/ Menken, Alan

V05/e/ Merriam, Eve

V05/e/ Penn, Audrey

V05/e/ Selsam, Millicent

V05/e/ Sendak, Maurice

V05/e/ Sesame Street

V05/e/ Steptoe, John

V05/e/ Wells, Rosemary

V05/e/ Westcott, Nadine Bernard


V06/a_e/ Bare, Colleen

V06/a_e/ Slate, Joseph

V06/a_e/ Tazewell, Charles

V06/a_e/ Wade, Lee

V06/ae/ Aesop

V06/a/ Ada, Alma Flor

V06/a/ Baker, Alan

V06/a/ Baker, Keith

V06/a/ David, Mack with Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston

V06/a/ Davis, Katie

V06/a/ Hazen, Barbara Shook

V06/a/ Kalen, Robert

V06/a/ Mahy, Margaret

V06/a/ Quaker Oats recipe

V06/a/ Waber, Bernard

V06/ai/ Aiken, Joan

V06/ai_e/ Gaines, Isabel

V06/ai_e/ Staines, Bill

V06/ay/ Mayer, Mercer

V06/ay/ Thayer, Jane

V06/ey/ Rey, H. A.


V07/i_e/ Fine, Edith

V07/i_e/ Rice, Rim

V07/i/ Bible – The Lord’s Prayer

V07/i/ Wilder, Matthew

V07/i/ Zion, Gene

V07/igh/ Highlights Magazine

V07/ei/ Reiser, Lynn

V07/ei/ Schreiber, Anne

V07/ei/ Steiner, Joan

V07/ei/ Weinberg, Jennifer

V07/ei/ Weiss, Nicki

V07/y/ Hyman, Trina

V07/y/ Lyon, George

V07/y/ Wyeth, Sharon


V08/o_e/ Jones, Rebecca C.

V08/o/ O’Connor, Jane

V08/o/ Bogart, Jo Ellen

V08/o/ Cronin, Doreen

V08/o/ Florian, Douglas

V08/o/ Golden Books

V08/o/ Goldsmith, Howard

V08/o/ Gomi, Taro

V08/o/ Gross, Ruth

V08/o/ Hoban, Russell

V08/o/ Hoberman, Mary Ann

V08/o/ Kroll, Virginia

V08/o/ Lobel, Arnold

V08/o/ Mora, Francisco

V08/o/ Mora, Pat

V08/o/ Morey, Larry

V08/o/ Morris, Ann

V08/o/ Rosen, Michael

V08/o/ Rotner, Shelley

V08/o/ Schoberle, Cecile

V08/o/ Sorensen, Henri

V08/o/ Soto, Gary

V08/o/ Yolen, Jane

V08/o_e/ Crowe, Robert

V08/o_e/ Wolfe, R & P

V08/oa/ Voake, Charlotte

V08/ow_e/ Knowles, Sheena


V09/u/ Bruchac, Joseph

V09/u/ Duvoisin, Roger

V09/u/ Guarino, Deborah

V09/u/ Guback, Georgia

V09/u/ Knutson, Barbara

V09/u/ Kunhardt, Dorothy

V09/u/ Lucas, Catherine

V09/u/ Muth, Jon

V09/u/ Numeroff, Laura

V09/u/ Tuer, Judy

V09/u/ Wu, Norbert

V09/eu/ Seuss, Dr. (Ted Geisel)

V09/ew/ Crews, Donald

V09/ew/ Lewin, Hugh

V09/ew/ Lewis, Kevin

V09/ew/ Lewis, Rose

V09/ew/ Newman, Randy


V10/ee/ Freeman, Don

V10/ee/ Peek, Merle

V10/ee/ Sweeney, Joan

V10/ee/ Wong Herbert

V10/e/ Degan, Bruce

V10/e/ Peters, Lisa

V10/e/ Seder, Rufus Butler

V10/e/ Zemach, Margot

V10/e_e/ Strete, Craig

V10/ea/ Eastman, P. D.

V10/ea/ Keats, Ezra Jack

V10/ei/ Steig, William

V10/ei/ Weir, Alison

V10/i/ Gibran, Kahlil

V10/i/ Lionni, Leo

V10/ie/ Ziefert, Harriet

V10/i/ Viorst, Judith

V10/i/ Xiong, Blia


V11/a/ Alborough, Jez

V11/a/ Armstrong, Shane

V11/a/ Arnosky, Jim

V11/a/ Averill, Esther

V11/a/ Barton, Bryon

V11/a/ Capucilli, Alyssa

V11/a/ Carlstrom, Nancy

V11/a/ Garcia, Jerry

V11/a/ Katz, Karen

V11/a/ Larsen, Margie

V11/a/ Maestro, Betsy

V11/a/ Martin, Bill

V11/a/ Marzollo, Jean

V11/a/ Palmer, Helen

V11/a/ Waddell, Martin

V11/a/ Washington, Ned

V11/a/ Watson, Mary

V11/a_e/ Carle, Eric

V11/ah/ Ahlberg, Janet

V11/aw/ Awdry, Reverend W.


V12/oo/ Wood, Audrey

V12/oo/ Wood, Jakki

V12/u/ Bush, Laura and Jenna


V13/ow/ Brown, Marc

V13/ow/ Margaret Wise

V13/ow/ Cowley, Joy

V13/ow/ Fowler, Allan

V13/ow/ Lowrey, Janette S.

V13/ow/ Powell, Richard

V13/ow/ Rowling, J. K.

V13/au/ Krauss, Robert


V14/oy/ Boynton, Sandra

V14/oy/ Hoyt-Goldsmith Diane

V14/oi/ Stoick, Jean (Carl Sams)


V15/ir/ Kirk, David

B25/ur/ Burton, Virginia Lee

V15/ur/ Curtis, Jamie Lee

V15/ur/ Hurwitz, Johanna

V15/ur/ Nursery Rhymes

V15/ur/ Surat, Michele

V15/er/ Ernst, Lisa Campbell

V15/er/ Berger, Melvin and Gilda

V15/er/ Gergely, Tibor

V15/er/ Sherman, Richard


Note:  Imagine a Google search that let you click on the author’s name and HEAR the name spoken, preferably in the author’s actual voice!!  This would guarantee correct pronunciations.  For instance, how do you pronounce Charles Fuge or Wanda G’ag?

Pieces of PEACE

From Texas to the West Bank, there are still too many foreboding,

sometimes deadly, barriers around the world today.


Where in the world are the recycled remnants of the BERLIN WALL?

V01/a/ Angers, FRANCE

V01/a/ Canberra, AUSTRALIA (German Club)

V01/a/ Dallas TX, USA

V01/a/ Flagstaff AZ, USA

V01/a/ Grand Rapids MI, USA

V01/a/ Paris, FRANCE (Porte de Versailles)

V01/a/ San Jose CA, USA (Foreign Ministry)

V01/a/ Santa Barbara CA, USA (Reagan Ranch Center)

V01/a/ Stransbourg, FRANCE

V01/a/ Vatican City, Rome, ITALY (Vatican Gardens)


V02/i/ Chicago IL, USA (Western Ave. CTA Station)

V02/i/ Gillingham, ENGLAND (Royal Engineers Museum)

V02/I/ Kingston, JAMAICA (Jamaica Military Museum and Library, Up Park Camp)

V02/i/ Richmond, London ENGLAND (German School)



V03/o/ Ottowa, CANADA (Canadian War Museum)

V03/o/ Cosford, ENGLAND (Royal Air Force Museum)

V03/o/ Los Angeles CA, USA (10 segments…)

V03/o/ Los Angeles CA, USA (Loyola Marymount University)

V03/o/ Monterey CA, USA

V03/o/ Montreal, Quebec, CANADA (Centre de Commerce Mondial)

V03/o/ Moscow, RUSSIA


V04/u/ Brussels, BELGIUM (European Parliament)

V04/u/ Culver City CA, USA (The Wende Museum and Archive of the Cold War)

V04/u/ Duxford, Cambridgeshire, ENGLAND (Imperial War Museum)

V04/u/ Hutchinson KS, USA (Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center)

V04/a/ Madrid, SPAIN (Parque de Berlin)

V04/o/ London, ENGLAND (Imperial War Museum)


V05/e/ Ghent, BELGIUM

V05/e/ Kennesaw GA, USA (Social Science Building, Georgia State University)

V05/e/ Mexico City, MEXICO (Alexander Von Humboldt German School)

V05/e/ Schengen, LUXEMBOURG

V05/e/ Teltow (Berlin)


V06/a_e/ Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA (Cathedral)

V06/ae/ Caen, FRANCE (Memorial pour la Paix)


V07/i/ Kiev, UKRAINE (German embassy building)

V07/ei/ Ein Hod, ISRAEL (Dada Museum)

V07/ei/ Reindahlen, GERMANY

V07/ei/ Weimar, GERMANY (Weimar Atrium shopping center)

V07/ai/ Haifa, ISRAEL


V08/o/ Orange CA, USA (Chapman University)

V08/o/ Orlando FL, USA

V08/o/ Porte de Versailles, FRANCE (metro station)

V08/o/ Sofia, BULGARIA

V08/o/ Yokohama, JAPAN

V08/o/ Yorba Linda CA, USA (Richard Nixon Presidential Library)

V08/o/ Xochimilco, Mexico City, MEXICO (Colegio Aleman Alexander von Humboldt)

V08/eou/ Seoul, SOUTH KOREA (Berlin Square)

V08/a/ Warminster PA, USA


V09/u/ Budapest, HUNGARY

V09/u/ Buenos Aires, ARGENTINE REPUBLIC (Foreign Ministry)

V09/u/ Guatemala City, GUATEMALA (Plaza Berlin)

V09/u/ Stuttgart, GERMANY

C39+V09/eu/ Eureka IL, USA

V09/ew/ New York NY, USA


V10/e/ Depok, West Java Province, INDONESIA (Teguh Ostenrik’s workshop)

V10/i/ Riga, LATVIA (Kronvalda Park, former Communist Party Central Committee building)

V10/i/ Simi Valley CA, USA (Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum)

V10/i/ Tirana, ALBANIA (Blloku district)


V11/a/ Dhaka, BANGLADESH

V11/a/ Fatima, PORTUGAL (Sanctuary of Our Lady)

V11/a/ Gdansk, POLAND (Solidarity Museum)

V11/a/ Las Vegas NV, USA (men’s bathroom of Main Street Station Hotel and Casino)

V11/a/ Taipei, TAIWAN (Taiwan Foundation for Democracy)


V12 – ???


V13 – ???


V14 – ???


V15/our/ Courbevoie, FRANCE (La Defense business district)

V15/er/ Berlin, GERMANY (John F. Kennedy High School)

V15/er/ Berlin, GERMANY (Potsdamer Platz Square)

V15/er/ Berwick-upon-Tweed, Northumberland, ENGLAND


A-Z Listing of remains of Berlin Wall

More segments for sale at storage yard in Teltow, south of Berlin


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