Do *CloudSpelling* Now!

V01/a/ Abstractions will become concrete

V01/a/ Clarify sound-letter confusions

V01/a/ “Granularity” (smallest sound-units) and “Singularity”

V01/a/ Manifest Bloom’s Taxonomy

V01/a/ Master sound-sequencing

V01/a/ Mastery, one word at a time

V01/a/ Practice makes permanent

V01/a/ Transcend English inconsistencies


V02/i/ If not YOU, then who?

V02/i/ If you have ears, please listen!

V02/i/ Improve your own understanding

V02/i/ Input. Code. Store. Access.

V02/i/ Springboard to other activities

V02/i/ This learning is self-perpetuating

V02/i_e/ Give correct and direct instruction


V03/o/ Conscientious word study

V03/o/ Consonants are C16-C39

V03/o/ Noninstitutionalized, noncommercial, nonprofit


V04/a/ Accomplish your language goals

V04/o/ Consolidate language foundations


V05/e/ Effective with any literature

V05/e/ Embrace life-long learning

V05/e/ Empower your learners

V05/e/ Engage learners of all ages

V05/e/ Examine relative complexities

V05/e/ Examine sound-sorted word lists

V05/e/ Extreme phoneme segmentation

V05/e/ Extreme phonetic analysis

V05/e/ Extreme speech sound awareness

V05/e/ Extreme word analysis

V05/e/ Get an “ear” for English sounds

V05/e/ Get and give a sound foundation

V05/e/ Get clarity for proper teaching

V05/e/ Get ready ahead-of-time

V05/e/ Get smart with WA

V05/e/ Segment words by sound


V06/a_e/ Make remediation unnecessary

V06/a/ AKA “Equational Literacy” E = V + C   E – C = V

V06/ai/ Brain-friendly lessons

V06/ay/ Way to grow confident readers


V07/i/ Identify individual phonemes

V07/i/ Mindfully focus on word-structure

V07/i/ Primal sounds vs. ABCs


V08/o_e/ Code speech sounds (encode/decode)

V08/o_e/ More precise.  More versatile.

V08/o/ Don’t major on the minors!

V08/o/ No skipping.  No guessing.

V08/o/ Phonemes vs. Graphemes

V08/o/ Phonemes will trump graphemes

V08/o/ Phonemic analysis for beginners

V08/o/ Phonemic awareness is not accidental

V08/o/ Phonemic processing is crucial

V08/o/ Profound instructional implications

V08/o/ Pronounce and spell speech sounds

V08/o/ Provide proper direction


V09/oo_e/ Choose your own literature

V09/ew/ Newer research, newer pedagogy


V10/-/ V01 through C39

V10/e/ Become consciously aware of speech sounds

V10/e/ Decide for yourself

V10/e/ Demystify alphabetic complexities

V10/e/ Precise sound-spellings

V10/e/ Prerequisite, not optional

V10/e/ Prerequisite to language success

V10/e/ Reliably predict achievement

V10/ea/ Easier sooner, harder later

V10/ea/ Easily drill 39 English speech sounds

V10/ea/ Clear-headed approach for all ages

V10/ea/ Hear and see speech sounds

V10/ea/ Hear every sound in spoken words

V10/ea/ Speak-to-spell for explicit recall

V10/ea/ Teach to the smallest factor


V11/a/ Articulations, not fonts

V11/au/ Auditory/visual input-to-memory


V12/oo/ Good for auditory/visual memory


V13/ou/ Sound knowledge equals sound instruction

V13/ou/ Sounds are heard, said, seen, read

V13/ow/ Vowels are V01-V15


V14/oy/ Boys and girls need WA


V15/ear/ Learn sound-letter correspondences

V15/ear/ Learn speech sounds and their spellings

V15/ear/ Learn to process speech sounds with…


[These are AdWords phrases]

Make “learning to read” better

Recognize the importance of providing focus and context with object-naming.  From the earliest months, name relevant tangibles objects like “thumb,” “mom” and “book” – and – actions like “eat,” “go” and “play.”  Intangibles like “thoughts,” “choices” and “loving relationships” can also be named; we will learn whatever we’re taught.

Know precise components of spoken and written language so that, when the time is right, proper instruction can be directly and correctly provided.

  • *New* names V01-C39 for English speech sound-units
  • Conventional names “ayeee,” “beee,” “seee,” etc. for Letters /Aa/ through /Zz/

Never allow commingling between sound-units and letters when you talk about them.  Letters never make sounds; letters always represent sounds.  Logically, there never was an “A-Sound” or “Long-A” or “Short-A” as common phonics jargon would have it.

Learn to say:

  • [C39] is spelled Letter /y/
  • [V05] is spelled Letter /e/
  • [C28] is spelled Letter /s/

Pronounce and spell-out C39/y/ V05/e/ C28/s/ = YES

Always use relevant vocabulary!

Words to use instead of “SAID”

V01/a/ asked, answered, added, advanced, babbled, blasted, clarified, gasped, sang, spat, stammered, snapped, zapped; V01/au/ laughed


V02/i/ interrupted, instructed, inquired, insisted, insulted, interjected, ignored, blinked, discussed, hissed, sniffed, spilled, whispered, whimpered, wiggled, whistled


V03/o/ offered, commented, complimented, hollered, nodded, promised, sobbed; V03/ou/ coughed; V03/ough/ thought


V04/u/ uttered, cuddled, grumped, gushed, grumbled, hummed, jumped, mumbled, muttered, shrugged, stuttered, suggested, thundered; V04/a/ announced, accused, agreed, asserted, assured; V04/o/ observed, complained, confessed, commanded, consented, concerted, committed, continued


V05/e/ exclaimed, explained, expressed, excused, exaggerated, begged, belched, fretted, jested, memorized, questioned, spelled, stressed, ventured, yelled; V05/ue/ guessed


V06/a_e/ dared, glared, shamed, stated; V06/a/ stated; V06/ai/ claimed, wailed, waited; V07/i_e/ griped, smiled, whined


V07/i/ chided, directed; V07/ie/ cried, lied; V07/igh/ sighed


V08/o_e/ hoped, joked, spoke, snored, swore; V08/o/ ordered, noted, pronounced, snorted, told; V08/oa/ groaned, moaned, roared; V08/a/ warned


V09/oo/ crooned, cooed, swooned; V09/oo_e/ snoozed


V10/ee/ greeted, jeered, leered, sneered, screeched; V10/ee_e/ sneezed; V10/e/ beseeched, declared, demanded, described, predicted, queried, responded, reassured, replied, remarked, rejoined, repeated, rebuked, recalled, reminded, retorted, required, requested, remembered; V10/ea/ pleaded, screamed, squeaked; V10/ea_e/ teased


V11/a/ argued, barked, barfed, called, snarled, sparked, swallowed, wanted; V11/au/ haunted; V11/aw/ dawdled, yawned


V12/u/ put, pushed


V13/ow/ frowned, growled, howled, vowed; V13/ou/ counted, grouched, shouted


V14/oi/ joined; V14/oi_e/ voiced


V15/ir/ smirked; V15/orr/ worried; V15/ur/ burped, burst, gurgled, murmured, purposed; V15/urr/ hurried

Sounds spelled with more than one letter

Do your teaching materials show all the following spellings which use MORE than one letter?

Letter /Aa/…

V01/A_E/ have

V06/A_E/ age

V11/A_E/ are

V06/A_UE/ vague

V04/AE/ aerobic

V10/AE/ Caesar

V11/AH/ AH!!

V01/AI/ plaid

V05/AI/ said

V06/AI/ air

V06/AI_E/ raise

V06/AIGH/ straight

V07/AIS_E/ aisle

V04/AU/ authority

V01/AU/ laugh

V11/AU/ author

V06/AU_E/ gauge

V11/AU_E/ pause

V11/AUGH/ taught

V08/AW/ drawer

V11/AW/ saw

V11/AWE/ awesome

V05/AY/ says

V06/AY/ day

V07/AYE/ aye!

Letter /Bb/…

C17/BB/ shabby

C18/BT/ debt

Letter /Cc/…

C20/CH/ choose

C22/CC/ soccer

C22/CH/ chord

C30/CH/ chef

C22/CK/ pack

Letter /Dd/…

C19/DD/ add

C21/DG/ badge

C34/DN/ Wednesday

Letter /Ee/…

V05/E_E/ else

V06/E_E/ there

V10/E_E/ eve

V05/EA/ head

V06/EA/ wear

V10/EA/ each

V11/EA/ heart

V10/EA_E/ please

V15/EAR/ earn

V15/EAR_E/ rehearse

V08/EAU/ beau

C39+V09/EAU/ beauty

V02/EE/ been

V10/EE/ preen

V10/EE_E/ cheese

V05/EI/ heifer

V06/EI/ skein

V10/EI/ either

V06/EI_E/ beige

V10/EI_E/ receive

V06/EIG/ reign

V06/EIGH/ eight

V07/EIGH/ height

V10/EO/ people

V15/ER/ germ

V15/ER_E/ nerve

V15/ERE/ were

C39+V09/EUE/ queue

V08/EW/ sew

V09/EW/ chew; C39+V09/EW/ few

C39+V09/EWE/ ewe

V06/EY/ they

V07/EY/ geyser

V10/EY/ key

V07/EYE/ eye

Letter /Ff/…

C24/FF/ off

Letter /Gg/…

C21/GG/ exaggerate

C23/GG/ saggy

C23/GH/ ghost

C24/GH/ laugh

C34/GN/ gnome

Letter /Hh/…

V13/HOU/ hour

Letter /Ii/…

V02/I_E/ give

V07/I_E/ ice

V05/IE/ friend

V07/IE/ die

V10/IE/ thief

V02/IE_E/ sieve

V10/IE_E/ piece

V07/IA/ dial

V07/IGH/ light

V15/IR/ girl

V07/IS/ island

Letter /Kk/…

C34/KN/ know

Letter /Ll/…

C19/LD/ could

C24/LF/ half

C22/LK/ walk

C37/LL/ kill

C34/LN/ Lincoln

C25/LV/ halves

Letter /Mm/…

C33/MB/ dumb

C33/MM/ hammer

C33/MN/ autumn

Letter /Nn/…

C34/NN/ banner

C35/NG/ rang

Letter /Oo/…

V03/O_E/ gone

V04/O_E/ some

V08/O_E/ nose

V09/O_E/ move

V04/OE/ does

V08/OE/ toe

V09/OE/ shoe

V10/OE/ amoeba

V03/OA/ broad

V08/OA/ loaf

V08/OA_E/ coarse

V14/OI/ oil

V14/OI_E/ choice

V08/OH/ oh!

V04/OO/ flood

V08/OO/ door

V09/OO/ moon

V12/OO/ look

V09/OO_E/ choose

V15/OR/ worm

V15/OR_E/ worse

V15/ORR/ worry

V04/O_UE/ tongue

V08/O_UE/ rogue

V03/OU/ cough

V04/OU/ young

V08/OU/ four

V09/OU/ you

V11/OU/ could

V13/OU/ our

V08/OU_E/ course

V09/OU_E/ rouge

V13/OU_E/ house

V15/OU_E/ scourge

V03/OUGH/ thought

V08/OUGH/ though

V09/OUGH/ through

V13/OUGH/ bough

V15/OUR/ courage

V03/OW/ knowledge

V08/OW/ own

V13/OW/ down

V13/OW_E/ drowse

V08/OWE/ owe

V14/OY/ oyster

Letter /Pp/…

C24/PH/ physician

C34/PN/ pneumonia

C16/PP/ happy

C24/PPH/ sapphire

C28/PS/ pseudo

Letter /Qq/…

C22/QU/ liquor

Letter /Rr/…

C38/RH/ rhyme

C38/RR/ error

Letter /Ss/…

C28/SC/ scissors

C30/SH/ shoe

C37/SL/ aisle

C28/SS/ mass

C29/SS/ dessert

C30/SS/ mission

C31/SS/ fissure

C28/ST/ listen

Letters /Tt/…

C20/TCH/ hatch

C26/TH/ through

C27/TH/ the

C18/TT/ batty

C18/TW/ two

Letter /Uu/…

V11/UA/ guard

V04/U_E/ judge

V09/U_E/ rude; C39+V09/U_E/ cute

V05/UE/ guess

V09/UE/ blue; C39+V09/UE/ cue

V02/UI/ build

V09/UI/ suit

V09/UI_E/ juice

V07/UI_E/ guide

V15/UR/ turn; C39+V09/UR/ fury

V15/UR_E/ urge

V15/URE/ sure; C39+V15/URE/ pure

V15/URR/ purr

V07/UY/ buy

Letters /Ww/…

C32/WH/ whole

C38/WR/ write

Letter /Yy/…

V07/Y_E/ type

V07/YE/ bye

V15/YR/ myrtle

Letter /Zz/…

C29/ZZ/ jazz


Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 5.55.16 PM

Here is an educational product called READY TO READ – COMPLETE SYSTEM for Ages 3+.  Included are 4 storybooks, 6 activity books, electronic reader (no computer or downloads required)… all ready to go… sold at Costco in 2011 for $29.99.


Was this a bargain for the parents who bought it or not?  Advertising and actual contents don’t always match.  My analysis yields both “thumbs-up” and “thumbs-down” as follows:

HEAR THE PAGE – Thumbs up for these read-alouds.

HEAR THE WORD – Thumbs up for vocabulary pronunciations.

SOUND-OUT THE WORD – Thumbs waaaaay down for explicit sound-parsing.

SPELL THE WORD – Thumbs down for sound-letter correspondences.

LOOK AND FIND – Thumbs up for this game technology.

WORD PLAY –  Thumbs up for learning fun.

HEAR THE MUSIC – Thumbs up for music, always.

SING ALONG – Thumbs waaaaay up, if kids will actually sing along.

Remember:  Good orange juice can’t come from bad oranges.

This product may seem a great value, costing the price of one family meal in a cheap restaurant, but if it provides misinformation resulting in mental confusion, you may be actually setting yourself up for later remediation costs.  Here are my complaints:

1)  This program’s “Sound-out the word” feature has the status-quo bias towards visual input (ABCs) rather than auditory input (speech sounds), which includes several errors.  For starters, children don’t HEAR letters.

2)  This program creates letter-sound ambiguity, but a simple remedy (as shown in **new instructions**) is to say the word “Letter” before each letter name.  Example:  Letter /I/.  There can be no confusion about sound-alike concepts:  /I/-eye; /O/-oh; /P/-pea; /T/-tea; and /U/-you; etc.

3)  This program distorts the pronunciation of all consonants by adding “–uhh” to the basic sound, as in ‘puhh’ – ‘buhh’ – ‘tuhh’ – ‘duhh’ – ‘chuhh’ – ‘juhh’ – ‘cuhh’ – ‘guhh’ – etc.

4)  This program uses a Letters-to-Sounds approach, defaulting to conventional phonics names for vowel sound-units:  Short Vowel-A or Short-A Sound [V01] animal; Long Vowel-A or Long-A Sound [V06] ace; Soft-C [C28] city; Hard-C [C22] cat; Soft-G [C21] giraffe; Hard-G [C23] goose, etc.

5)  This program fails to make a proper distinction between [V09] juice/glue and [C39+V09] cube/use/uniform.

6)  This program wrongly calls the following sounds “blends”:  /sh/shirt, /ch/chin, /th/thesetheater; /wh/who, etc.

When you take a deeper look at relevant instructions for each of this program’s six activity books (shown below), it is questionable whether the READY TO READ product is meritorious.


Alphabet  •  READY TO READ  •  ISBN 978-1-4508-2066-0

The monkey gives instructions and starts activities.

(Notice **new instructions** which differentiate letters and sounds.)

A, B, C, D, E, F >>  “Touch the red letters to play.”

**Apple starts with Letter /A/.**

**Find the letter that comes right after Letter /D/.**

G, H, I, J, K  >>  “Touch the red letters to play.”

**Find the green Letter /I/**    vs. Find the green eye.

L, M, N, O, P >>  “Touch the red letters to play.”

**Find the green Letter /O/**  vs. Find the green oh.

**Find the green Letter /P/**  vs. Find the green pee/pea.

Q, R, S, T, U >>  “Find the match.”

**The first sound in train is spelled Letter /T/**  vs.  Train starts with tea.

**The first sound in umbrella is spelled Letter /U/**  vs.  Umbrella starts with you.

V, W, X, Y, Z >>   “Touch the red letters to play.”

**Find the orange Letter /V/.**

A to Z >>  “Touch each letter of the alphabet in order.”

What comes next? >>  “Touch a picture to play.”

**Find the letter that spells the first sound in apple**  vs.  Find the letter that starts the word apple.

**Find the letter that spells the first sound in fish… hat… kite…** etc.

Balloon, Balloon/ Family Reunion/ Ice Cream/ Lock and Key >> 

**Find the matching lowercase Letter /a/.**

**This is the uppercase Letter /E/.**

**This is the lowercase Letter /j/**  vs.  This is the lowercase jay?

Make a Match >> “What other picture starts with ___?”

**The first sound  in monkey is spelled Letter /M/.  Find the picture that shows lowercase Letter /m/.**

Time to Paint >>  “Touch a paint can to play.”

**This is uppercase Letter /P/.  Find the lowercase Letter /p/.**

Tic-Tac-Toe >>  “Find the blue s.”

**Find the blue Letter /s/.  Find the picture of a salad.  The first sound in salad is spelled Letter /s/.**

**This is the uppercase Letter /A/.  This is the lowercase Letter /m/.**

Time to Pack! >>  “Things that start with v go in the van.  Find two things that go in the van.”

**Van.  The first sound in van is spelled Letter /v/.**

(Whale.  The first sound in whale is not spelled Letter /w/.)

Driving the Alphabet >>  “Find the matching lowercase letter.”

**Letter /X/.  Find the matching lowercase Letter /x/.**

Letter Scramble >> “Touch an uppercase letter to play.  Find the matching lowercase letter.”

**Letter /D/.  Find the matching lowercase Letter /d/.**

Lowercase Letter Train >> “Touch a circle on the train.  Then touch a letter that goes in the circle.”

**Letter /a/.  Letter /b/.  Letter /c/.**  etc.


Rhyming Words  •  READY TO READ  •  ISBN 978-1-4508-2063-9

The monkey gives instructions and starts activities.

These are guessing games if the child can’t already read.

Rhyming Pictures >>  “Touch the first picture in each row, then find the picture that rhymes.”

Rhyme Time-1 >>   “Touch the first picture in each row, then find the picture that rhymes.”

“Flag and bag rhyme” is garbled and sounds like “Flag it bag rye.”     “10” sounds like “Ted.”

Rhyme Time-2  >> “Find the ___.  Find the picture that rhymes with ___.”

Rhyme or Not? >>  “___, ___, ___.  Which word doesn’t rhyme?”

Rhyme Me a Poem >>  “Find the ___.”

Tips for sounding-it out:  Short Vowel-A, Short Vowel-I, Short Vowel-O, Short Vowel-U,

Long Vowel-A, Long Vowel-E, Long Vowel-I, Long Vowel-O; Silent-e rule; /th/-blend;

plus all individual sounds have an extra ‘–uhh’ as in ‘muhh-sound’ – ‘buhh-sound’ – ‘luhh-sound’ –

‘nuhh-sound’ – ‘huhh-sound’ – ‘cuhh-sound’ – ‘suhh-sound’ – ‘tuhh-sound’ – etc.

A Fat Cat >>  “Find the ___.  Find the letter that starts the word ___.”

WordsAhead would say:  Find the letter that spells the first sound in rat.

The Man Ran  >>“Touch the picture to play.  Touch the word that matches the picture.”

Ted Men and a Head? (or so it sounds…) >>  “Touch the word that finishes each riddle.”

The Pet Is Wet >>  “Touch the word that finishes each rhyme.”

The Pin Is Thin/The Ring Is the Thing >>  “Find each word in the story that uses ___ word-ending.”

“I am pretty.  You wear me on your finger.  I am a…

(answer) SWING.  YES.  You sit on a swing and it moves back and forth.”

“You sit on me.  You move me back and forth.  I am a…

(answer) YES.  A pretty thing you wear on your finger is a ring!”

A Cub in a Tub >>  “___.  Which set of letters ends this word?”

Don’t Block the Clock >>  “Find the picture, find the word.”

A Sad Fad >>  “Find all the keys with words that end in ___.”

Stay and Play >>  “Touch each word that ends in ___.”

Oh Well >>  “Find each word in the story that uses the ___ word-ending.”

(spoken) the shell fell in a well  vs.  (printed) fell into the well

Tips for sounding-it out:  /sh/-blend for the word shell; /wh/-blend for the word who

Word Switch >>  “Where should the ___ go to make the word ___?”

Family Friends >>  “Touch two words that end in /ock/.


Consonants and Vowels  •  READY TO READ  •  ISBN 978-1-4508-2065-3

The monkey gives instructions and starts activities.

What’s That Sound?  >> “Touch a picture that begins with…”

Distorted pronunciations:  ‘buhh’ – ‘cuhh’ – ‘duhh’ – ‘fuhh’ – ‘guhh’

Sounds Tasty! >>  “Touch the letter you hear at the beginning of this word.”

You won’t HEAR letters; you SEE letters.  Sounds are distorted by adding ‘–uhh’.

A Sound Match >>  “Touch a picture that begins with…”

Distorted pronunciations:  ‘puhh’ – ‘cuhh’ – ‘ruhh’ – ‘suhh’ – ‘tuhh’

What Wonderful Sounds! >>  “Touch the letter you hear at the beginning of this word.”

The first sounds in the word x-ray aren’t /ks/.

C Is for Cat and City >>  “Touch all the pictures that start with Soft-C.”

Phonics terminology:  Soft-C [C28]; Hard-C [C22]

Ready, Set, Go!  >> “What picture starts with the Soft-G sound?”

Phonics terminology:  Hard-G [C23]; Soft-G [C21]

Letter Match >>  “Touch a picture that begins with…”

‘huhh’ – ‘puhh’ – ‘nuhh’ – ‘tuhh’ – ‘buhh’ – ‘guhh’ – ‘suhh’ – ‘zuhh’… these are all distorted sounds.

Name That Sound!  >> “Touch the letter you hear at the beginning of this word.”

Same of Different? >>  “Touch the word that begins with a different letter than the other two.”

This is a visual discrimination activity.

Short Vowel Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo, Uu >>  “Which picture does not start with Short Vowel ___?”

Auditory discrimination activities for [V01],  [V05], [V02], [V03], [V04]

Over the River! >>  “Touch the words in the picture having short vowels.”

Shhh!  Silent Ee >>  “Touch the letter that makes the long vowel-sound for this word.”

V06/a_e/, V07/i_e/, V08/o_e/   How about /ee_e/ cheese or /u_e/ rule or /oo_e/ choose, etc.

Long Vowel Aa, Ee, Ii, Oo >>  “Touch each picture that has the Long-__ sound.”

Auditory discrimination activities for [V06], [V10], [V07], [V08]

Long Vowel Uu >>  “Touch all the pictures on the page that have the Long-U sound.”

[V09]:  juice, glue

[C39+V09]:  cube, use, uniform

Looking for Long Vowels >>  “Touch all the pictures on the page that have long vowels.”

[V06] cake

[V07] bike. dime

[V08] robe

[V09] —

[V10] seal, bee


Consonant Blends and More Vowels  •  READY TO READ  •  ISBN 978-1-4508-2064-6

The monkey gives instructions and starts activities.

Shhh.  Check It Out! >>  “Touch the consonant blend that begins this word.”

Warning!  /sh/ and /ch/ are not consonant blends!

A consistent error is that an extra “–uhh” is added to all pronunciations:  ‘shuhh’ and ‘chuhh’

Love Those Shoes! >>  “Touch nine words in the story that begin with th ‘thuhh’.”

Sound distortion:  ‘thuhh’

The word tried starts with a consonant blend spelled /tr/.

The word are does not use the Short Vowel-O, but rather [V11].

Thanks a Lot! >>  “Touch the word in the box that spells theater.”  (Say what?!)

Let’s Blend/ Greasy Fries/ Train Tracks/ Have a Slice! >>

All have an extra “–uhh” added to the pronunciations:

‘cruhh’ – ‘bruhh’ – ‘druhh’ – ‘gruhh’ – ‘fruhh’ – ‘truhh’ – ‘pruhh’ – ‘sluhh’

Blend Review >>  “Touch the mailbox that has a word starting with ___.”

This activity is about letter-matching.

Balloon Blends >>  “Touch the girl’s shirt with the same consonant blend.”

Another visual activity, matching graphemes.

Snap to It!/ Star Power/ Be a Spy!/ Ready, Set, Smile!/ A String of Blends >>

Letter-matching games for ‘snuhh’ – ‘stuhh’ – ‘spuhh’ – ‘smuhh’ – ‘struhh’ – ‘spruhh’

Meet the Knight! >>  “Touch six words in the story that begin with /kn/ – ‘nuhh’ .”

Tips for sounding-out:  Short Vowel-A, Short Vowel-I, Short Vowel-O, Short Vowel-U,

Long Vowel-A, Long Vowel-E, Long Vowel-I, Long Vowel-O

Blend Review >>  “Touch the blend in the box that begins this word.”

Letter-matching for consonant blends.  All are distorted with ‘–uhh’.

Oooo La La! >>  “Touch the four words that have the [V09]-sound heard in broom.

It’s a Cow! >>  “Touch the correct spelling of this word.”

This is a guessing game!   [V13]    (Happily notice they didn’t pronounce it ‘ow-uhh’.)

R In Charge >>  “Touch all fourteen words that have Letter /r/.”

Let it Snow! >>  “Touch the six words that have the Long-O sound heard in snow.

Compare [V08] and [V13], both spelled Letters /ow/.

Our House! >>  “Touch the five words that make the /ou/ [V13] sound heard in cloud.

Notice /ou_e/ in mouse

Do Your Laundry! >>  “Touch the six words that make the /au/ [V11] sound heard in laundry.”

It isn’t always the /au/ sound:

Letters /au/ August

Letters /au_e/ pause

Letters /augh/ daughter

Notice the advantages of using the codes from WordsAhead’s Sound Map.


Syllables and Sentences  •  READY TO READ  •  ISBN 978-1-4508-2061-5

The monkey gives instructions and starts activities.

My most positive evaluation for this book is to observe that pages contain colorful guessing-games.

Keep on Track! >>  “Touch the two syllables that make up the word, in order.”

WordsAhead divides the word letter:  C37 V05 • C18 V15

How Many Syllables? >>  “Find the word with one syllable.”

What Is It? >>  “Touch a picture, then find the noun it matches.”

A Day Trip >>  “Touch the word that completes the sentence.”

What’s My Name? >>  “Touch the picture that goes with the proper noun.”

Two Together >> “Find the two words that make the compound word.”

More Than One >> “Touch a picture, then find the plural noun that matches.”

More Than One–Again >> “Touch the circle with the ending that makes it plural.”

I Can Do It! >>  “Touch the word that completes each sentence.”

I Can Do It Again! >> “Touch the verb in each sentence.”

What Did You Do? >>  “Touch the past tense verb that completes the sentence.”

What Else Did You Do? >>  “Touch the past tense verb that completes the sentence.”

To Be or Not To Be? >>  “Touch a sentence that says that one person is happy right now.”

Pronoun Practice >>  “Touch a picture, then match it to its pronoun.”

Let’s Agree >>  “Touch the word that completes each sentence.”

No, No, No >>  “Touch the word that completes each sentence.”

Shorties >>  “Touch the contraction made from is and not.”

Sounds the Same >>  “Touch a word to hear what it means.”

Look-Alikes >>  “Touch the picture that matches the blue word in each sentence.”

Opposites >>  “Touch a word or picture, then find its opposite.”

WordsAhead alleges that, even with the “see-say” strategy for new words,

these lessons are irrelevant for 3-, 4- or 5-year-olds.


Sight Words  •  READY TO READ  •  ISBN 978-1-4508-2062-2

The monkey gives instructions and starts activities.

Words to Know >>  “The sight word the is used four times in the story.  Touch all four words.”

Tips for sounding-out words:  [V04]; ‘buhh’ sound; ‘huhh’ sound; Short Vowel-A [V01];

Short Vowel-O [V03]; ‘puhh sound’; ‘huhh sound’; ‘tuhh sound’; Long Vowel-E; ‘fuhh sound’;

And, Or, But >>  “Touch the word missing from the sentence.”

This, That, These, Those >>  “The sight words this, that, these and those are used six times in the story.  Find all.”

Sounding-out words:  ‘th’ blend; Short Vowel-I [V02]; ‘muhh sound’; ‘nuhh sound’; ‘huhh sound’; Short Vowel-O [V11]; ‘puhh sound’; Short Vowel-A [V01]; ‘guhh sound’; ‘tuhh sound’; ‘wuhh sound’;

‘cuhh sound’; ‘buhh sound’; ‘ruhh sound’; ‘juhh sound’

At, To, In, On >>  “Touch the word that fills in the blank.”

For, From, Off, On >>  “Touch the word ___ in a sentence.”

With, By, Over, Into >>    “Touch the word missing from the sentence.”

What Is the Question? >>    “Touch the word ___ in a sentence.”

I, You, We >>  “Touch the word in the box that describes people.”

He, She, It, They >>  “Touch the word that takes the place of another word.”

My, Your, Her, His, Their >>  “Touch the word in the box that spells ___.”

Comparing Words >>  “Touch a sentence to play.”

Good, Better, Best >>  “Touch the word ___ in a sentence.”

Some, Many, Most >>  “Touch the comparing-word in the sentence.”

Number Words >>  “How many grasshoppers?  Touch the number word.”

Color Words >>  “What color is the apple?  Touch the word.”

Feeling Words >>  “Touch the feeling word.”

Picture Words >>  “Touch the word missing from the sentence.”

Action Words-1 >>  “Touch the action word that goes with this picture.”

Action Words-2 >>  “There is one action word in each sentence.  Touch all four.”

Naming Words >>  “Touch the word ___.”

Find the Name! >>  “Touch the word ___.”


Promising new products have yet to be created based on Typesetting Standards for 21st Century Educators.

Compound Words

Train your brain to toggle between two modes of SORTING – what is heard and what is seen.

The vowel sounds heard have been sorted under the headings V01-V15, then those words are listed alphabetically.  Next, each second half of each compound word is in code only.  Can you decipher them all?!


~~~ V01/A/ ~~~


AFTER C23 C37 V08

AFTER C37 V07 C24

AN V04 • C27 V15

ASH C18 C38 V08


BACK V06 C22

BACK C16 V01 C22

BACK C16 C38 V03 C16

BACK C17 V07 C18

BACK C17 V08 C34

BACK C17 C38 V06 • C22 V15

BACK C18 C38 V01 C22

BACK C23 C38 V13 C34 C19

BACK C24 V07 C38

BACK C28 V07 C19

BACK C28 C16 V06 C28

BACK C28 C37 V01 C16

BACK C28 C37 V07 C19

BACK C28 C16 V02 C34

BACK C28 C18 V06 C21

BACK C28 C18 C38 V08 C22

BACK C32 V01 C34 C19

BACK C37 V03 C23

BANK C17 V12 C22

BANK C38 V08 C37

BASKET C17 V11 C37


BLACK C17 V05 • C38 V10

BLACK C17 V08 C38 C19

BLACK C17 V11 C37

BLACK C17 V15 C19

BLACK C18 V03 C16

BLACK C21 V01 C22

BLACK C28 C33 V02 C26

BLACK C37 V02 C28 C18

BLACK C33 V06 C37


CAB C19 C38 V07 • C25 V15

CAN C34 V03 C18

CANDLE C28 C18 V02 C22

CANDLE C37 V07 C18


CLAP C28 C18 V02 C22


GLASS C33 V06 • C22 V02 C35

GRAND C16 V01 • C38 V05 C34 C18

GRAND C19 V11 • C18 V15

GRAND C20 V07 C37 C19

GRAND C24 V11 • C27 V15

GRAND C28 V04 C34

GRAND C28 C18 V01 C34 C19

GRAND C33 V01 • C28 C18 V15

GRAND C33 V04 • C27 V15

GRASS C32 V03 • C16 V15


HAM C17 V15 • C23 V15

HAND V13 C18

HAND C17 V12 C22

HAND C22 V04 C24

HAND C23 V04 C34

HAND C28 C18 V01 C34 C19

HAND C33 V06 C19


PAN C22 V06 C22

PASS C16 V08 C38 C18

PASS C17 V12 C22

PASS C22 V10


RATTLE C18 C38 V01 C16

RATTLE C38 C34 V06 C22


SAND C28 C18 V08 C34

SAND C37 V03 C18



STAND C16 V07 C16

STAND C16 V14 C34 C18



TAG V04 • C37 V03 C35

TAP C38 V12 C18

TASK C33 V01 • C28 C18 V15

TAX C16 C06 • V15

TAXI C22 V01 C17


~~~ V02/I/ ~~~


DISH C16 V01 C34

DISH C22 C37 V03 C26

DISH C36 V11 • C18 V15

DISH C36 V11 • C30 V15

DISK C19 C38 V07 C25



FISH C16 V05 C34 C19

FISH C17 V08 C37

FISH C18 V06 C37

FISH C32 V12 C22

FISH C34 V05 C18


HIM C28 V05 C37 C24


IN C28 V07 C19

IT C18 V06 C22

IT C28 V05 C37 C24


PICK V04 C16

PIN C28 C18 C38 V07 C16

PIN C32 V08 C37

PIN C32~C36 V10 C37


RIVER C17 V01 C35 C22


SILVER C24 V08 C37 C19

SILVER C28 C33 V02 C26



WITH V13 C18


~~~ V03/O/ ~~~


BODY C23 V11 C38 C19

BODY C36 V15 C22


COMMON C16 C37 V06 C28

COMMON C36 V05 C37 C26

CROSS V08 • C25 V15


CROSS C17 C38 V10 C19

CROSS C22 V04 C18

CROSS C36 V11 C22


DOG C36 V12 C19


LONG C32 V01 C34 C19

LONG C32 V13 C28


MOTH C17 V11 C37


POP C22 V08 C38 C34


SOFT C17 V11 C37

SOFT C36 V06 C38

STOCK C38 V09 C33

STOP C37 V07 C18

STRONG C32 V08 C37 C19


~~~ V04/U/ ~~~


UNDER V04 • C20 V10 • C25 V15


UNDER V11 C38 C33

UNDER C17 V05 • C37 V10

UNDER C17 V15 C19

UNDER C19 V03 C23

UNDER C20 V11 C38 C21

UNDER C22 V04 C18

UNDER C22 V04 • C25 V15

UNDER C22 V15 • V05 C34 C18

UNDER C22 C37 V08 C27 C29

UNDER C23 C38 V13 C34 C19

UNDER C24 V12 C18


UP V03 C34

UP V05 C34 C19

UP C17 V10 C18

UP C17 C38 V02 C35 • V02 C35

UP C18 V06 C22

UP C18 V07 C18

UP C18 V07 C33

UP C18 V15 C34

UP C19 V06 C18

UP C19 V07 C37

UP C22 V04 • C33 V02 C35

UP C22 V10 C16

UP C23 C38 V06 C19

UP C26 C38 V04 C28 C18

UP C28 V07 C19

UP C28 C18 V06 C21

UP C28 C18 V06 C18

UP C28 C18 V06 C38 C29

UP C28 C18 V11 C38 C18

UP C28 C18 C38 V10 C33

UP C30 V03 C18

UP C32 V02 C37

UP C32 V05 C37 C19

UP C32 V08 C37 C19

UP C32 V10 C25

UP C36 V07 C34 C19

UP C37 V01 C34 C19

UP C37 V02 C24 C18

UP C37 V08 C19

UP C38 V07 C18

UP C38 V07 • C29 V02 C35

UP C38 V08 C38

UP C38 V12 C18


UPPER C22 V04 C18

UPPER C22 V06 C28

UPPER C22 C37 V01 C28

UPPER C33 V08 C28 C18


BUTTER C22 V04 C16

BUTTER C24 C37 V07

BUTTER C28 C22 V03 C20

BUTTER C33 V02 C37 C22

BUTTER C34 V04 C18


CUP 37 V02 C35 C22


DUCK C16 V02 C37

DUCK C17 V02 C37


GUM C17 V11 C37


SLUM C37 V08 C38 C19

SUN C17 V06 C22 C18

SUN C17 V06 C27

SUN C19 V13 C34

SUN C24 V02 C30

SUN C24 C37 V13 • V15

SUN C28 V05 C18

SUN C37 V02 C18

SUN C38 V12 C24


THUNDER C17 V08 C37 C18

THUNDER C28 C18 V08 C38 C33


~~~ V04/A/ ~~~


ABOVE C17 V08 C38 C19

ALONG C28 V07 C19

WHAT V05 • C25 V15

WHAT C34 V03 C19


~~~ V04/O/ ~~~




HONEY C22 V08 C33

HONEY C28 V04 • C22 V04~C37

HONEY C33 V09 C34


~~~ V04/O_E/ ~~~


COME C17 V01 C22

COME C19 V13 C34

ONE C18 V07 C33

ONE C28 V05 C37 C24

SOME C16 C37 V06 C28

SOME C17 V04 • C19 V10

SOME C18 V07 C33 C29

SOME C19 V06

SOME C26 V02 C35

SOME C32 V13

SOME C32~C36 V04 C18

SOME C32~C36 V06 C38

SOME C36 V04 C34


~~~ V04/OU/ ~~~


TOUCH C19 V13 C34


~~~ V05/E/ ~~~


EVERY C26 V02 C35


BED C22 C37 V08 C27 C29

BED C32 V05 C19

BED C38 V03 C22

BED C38 V08 C37

BED C38 V09 C33

BELL C17 V03 • C18 V04 C33

BELL C17 V14

BELL C32 V03 C16


JELLY C24 V02 C30

JET C16 V08 C38 C18

JET C37 V07 • C34 V15


PEPPER C33 V02 C34 C18


SET C17 V01 C22

STEP C28 V01 C22


TELL C18 V06 C37

TEN C24 V08 C37 C19

TENDER C24 V12 C18

TEXT C17 V12 C22

THEM C28 V05 C37 C25 C29


~~~ V05/E_E/ ~~~


ELSE C32~C36 V06 C38


~~~ V05/EA/ ~~~


DEAD C37 V07 C34


HEAD V06 C22

HEAD C19 C38 V05 C28

HEAD C37 V07 C18

HEAD C37 V07 C34


WEATHER C16 C38 V09 C24



~~~ V05/A/ ~~~


ANY C16 C37 V06 C28

ANY C17 V04 • C19 V10

ANY C18 V07 C33

ANY C32 V13

ANY C32~C36 V06 C38

ANY C33 V08 C38

ANY C36 V04 C34

ANY C36 V06


~~~ V06/A_E/ ~~~


BASE C17 V11 C37


CARE C18 V06 • C22 V15

CARE C24 C38 V10

CARE C36 V08 C38 C34

CAVE C33 V01 C34


PACE C33 V06 • C22 V15


SALES C22 C37 V15 C22

SCAPE C23 V08 C18

SKATE C17 V08 C38 C19

SNAKE C28 C22 V02 C34

SPACE C36 V11 C22

STAGE C32 V01 C34 C19


TAKE V03 C24

TAKE V08 • C25 V15

TAKE V13 C18

TALE C17 V06 • C38 V15

TALE C18 V05 • C37 V15

TAPE C36 V15 C33


WARE C32 V13 C28

WASTE C16 V06 • C16 V15

WASTE C17 V01 C28 • C22 V05 C18

WASTE C36 V11 • C18 V15

WASTE C37 V01 C34 C19


~~~ V06/A/ ~~~


BABY C28 V02 • C18 V15


SANDY C28 V07 C19


TABLE C18 V03 C16

TABLE C22 C37 V03 C26

TABLE C28 C16 V09 C34

TABLE C36 V06 C38


~~~ V06/AI/ ~~~


AIR C16 V08 C38 C18

AIR C16 C37 V06 C34

AIR C18 V07 C33

AIR C22 C38 V01 C24 C18

AIR C24 V10 C37 C19

AIR C37 V02 C24 V18

AIR C37 V07 C34


BRAIN C19 C38 V06 C34

BRAIN C28 C18 V08 C38 C33

BRAIN C36 V11 C30


DAIRY C33 V06 C19

DAISY C32~C36 V10 C37


MAIN C37 V01 C34 C19

MAIN C37 V07 C34


RAIN C17 V08

RAIN C19 C38 V03 C16

RAIN C20 V05 C22

RAIN C22 V08 C18

RAIN C28 C18 V08 C38 C33

RAIL C36 V06

RAIL C38 V08 C19


SAIL C17 V08 C18


TAIL C23 V08 C18

TAIL C28 C16 V02 C34

TAIL C37 V07 C18


WAIST C37 V07 C34


~~~ V06/AY/ ~~~


DAY C17 C38 V06 C22

DAY C18 V07 C33

DAY C18 V12 C22

DAY C19 C38 V10 C33

DAY C37 V07 C18


PLAY C17 V01 C22

PLAY C26 V02 C35

PLAY C32 V13 C28


~~~ V07/I_E/ ~~~


FIRE V11 C38 C33

FIRE C16 C38 V09 C24

FIRE C17 V03 C33

FIRE C17 V08 C18

FIRE C17 V11 C37

FIRE C17 C38 V06 C22

FIRE C22 C38 V01 • C22 V15

FIRE C24 V07 • C18 V15

FIRE C24 C37 V07 C29

FIRE C32 V13 C28

FIRE C36 V15 C22 C28

FIRE C37 V07 C22


LIFE C17 V08 C18

LIFE C17 C37 V12 C19

LIFE C18 V07 C33

LIFE C23 V11 C38 C19

LIFE C28 V06 • C25 V15

LIFE C36 V15 C22

LIFE C37 V03 C35

LIFE C37 V07 C34

LIME C28 C18 V08 C34


SIDE C17 V15 C34 C29

SIDE C22 V02 C22

SIDE C30 V08

SIDE C36 V11 C22


TIME C18 V06 • C17 V04~C37

TIME C22 V10 • C16 V15

TIME C28 V06 • C25 V15

TIME C30 V06 C38


WHITE C22 V01 C16

WHITE C24 V02 C30

WHITE C36 V11 C30

WHITE C36 V11 C37

WIDE C28 C16 C38 V05 C19


~~~ V07/IGH/ ~~~


HIGH C20 V06 C38

HIGH C36 V06

HIGH C37 V01 C34 C19


NIGHT C37 V07 C18


~~~ V07/EYE/ ~~~


EYE C17 V11 C37 C29

EYE C22 V01 • C20 V02 C35

EYE C23 C37 V01 • C28 V05 C29

EYE C28 V07 C18

EYE C36 V02 C18 • C34 V05 C28

EYE C37 V01 • C30 V05 C29

EYE C37 V02 C19


~~~ V07/Y/ ~~~


BY C16 V01 C28


SKY C28 C22 C38 V06 • C16 V15

SKY C37 V07 C18

SKY C37 V11 C38 C22


~~~V08/O_E/ ~~~


FORE V11 C38 C33

FORE C17 V06 C38

FORE C22 V01 C28 C18

FORE C22 C37 V08 C29

FORE C22 C37 V08 • C31 V15

FORE C24 V02 C35 • C23 V15

FORE C24 V11 • C27 V15

FORE C28 V07 C18

FORE C28 V10

FORE C32 V01 C34 C19

FORE C32 V05 C19

FORE C33 V01 C34

FORE C37 V05 C23

HOME C18 V13 C34

HOME C33 V06 C19

HORSE C16 V13 • V15

HORSE C17 V01 C22

HORSE C24 C37 V07

HORSE C32 V06 C38


MORE V08 • C25 V15


NOTE C17 V12 C22

NOTE C36 V15 • C27 V10


STONE C36 V11 C37

STORE C38 V12 C33


~~~ V08/O/ ~~~


OVER C22 V08 C18

OVER C24 C37 V08

OVER C37 V01 C34 C19


BOLD C24 V06 C28


CORN C33 V10 C37


FORK C37 V02 C24 C18

FORT C34 V07 C18


NO C17 V04 • C19 V10

NO C32~C36 V06 C38

NORTH V10 C28 C18

NORTH C36 V05 C28 C18


PONY C18 V06 C37


SHORT C17 C38 V05 C19


~~~ V08/OU/ ~~~


COURT C32 V13 C28

COURT C39 V11 C38 C19


~~~ V08/OW/ ~~~


SHOW V03 C24

SHOW C16 C37 V06 C28

SLOW C19 V13 C34

SNOW C17 V01 C35 C22

SNOW C17 V11 37

SNOW C17 V15 C19

SNOW C19 C38 V02 C24 C18

SNOW C30 V04 • C25 V05 C37

SHOW C33 V06 • C22 V15

SHOW C37 V06 C28


THROW V04 • C36 V06

THROW C17 V01 C22


~~~ V08/A/ ~~~


WAR C16 V01 C26

WARM C17 C37 V12 C19


~~~ V09/U_E/ ~~~


LUKE C36 V08 C33


~~~ V09/U/ ~~~


SUPER V10 • C23 V08

SUPER C16 V13 • V15

SUPER C18 V01 C35 • C22 V15

SUPER C20 V11 C38 C21

SUPER C22 V09 C37

SUPER C22 V11 C38 • C23 V08

SUPER C24 V07 C34

SUPER C28 C18 V11 C38

SUPER C28 C18 C38 V03 C35

SUPER C28 C22 C38 V02 C16 C18

SUPER C32 V07 • C36 V06

SUPER C32 V10 • C38 V08

SUPER C33 V01 C34

SUPER C33 V11 C38 • C22 V05 C18

SUPER C34 V01 • C20 V15 • V04 C37

SUPER C36 V05 • C16 V04 C34

SUPER C36 V12 • C33 V01 C34


~~~ V09/UE/ ~~~


BLUE C16 C38 V02 C34 C18

BLUE C17 V05 C37

BLUE C17 V05 • C38 V10

BLUE C17 V15 C19

BLUE C23 C38 V01 C28

BLUE C24 V02 C30


~~~ V09/EW/ ~~~


NEW C24 V13 C34 C19

NEWS C16 V06 • C16 V15

NEWS C16 C38 V02 C34 C18

NEWS C17 V14

NEWS C17 C38 V06 C22

NEWS C22 V01 • C28 C18 V15

NEWS C28 C18 V01 C34 C19

NEWS C33 V01 C34

NEWS C36 V15 • C27 V10

NEWS C38 V09 C33


~~~ V09/OO/ ~~~


BOOT C28 C18 C38 V01 C16


HOOK V04 C16


MOON C17 V10 C33

MOON C28 V18 C38 V04 C22

MOON C28 C22 V06 C16

MOON C30 V07 C34

MOON C36 V11 C22

MOON C37 V07 C18


SCHOOL C17 V04 C28

SCHOOL C17 V12 C22


SCHOOL C32 V13 C28

SCHOOL C36 V15 C22


TOOTH C16 V02 C22

TOOTH C16 V06 C28 C18


~~~ V10/EE/ ~~~


SHEEP C28 C22 V02 C34

SWEET C32 V11 C38 C18


TEEN V06 C21


WEEK V05 C34 C19

WEEK C19 V06

WEEK C34 V07 C18

WHEEL C17 V05 • C38 V08

WHEEL C17 V06 C28

WHEEL C20 V06 C38

WHEEL C32 V13 C28


~~~ V10/EE_E/ ~~~


CHEESE C17 V15 • C23 V15

CHEESE C22 V06 C22


~~~ V10/E_E/ ~~~


HERE V01 C24 • C18 V15

HERE V02 C34

HERE C17 V07


~~~ V10/EA/ ~~~


BEACH C22 V08 C33


DREAM C18 V10 C33


MEAN C18 V07 C33

MEAN C32~C36 V07 C37


NEAR C17 V07


SEA C30 V08 C38

STEAM C17 V08 C18

STEAM C30 V02 C16


TEA C16 V03 C18

TEA C22 V04 C16

TEA C28 C16 V09 C34

TEAM C33 V06 C18

TEAM C36 V15 C22


~~~ V10/EY/ ~~~


KEY C16 V01 C19

KEY C16 V04 C34 C20

KEY C17 V08 C38 C19

KEY C28 C18 V08 C34

KEY C28 C18 C38 V08 C22

KEY C32 V08 C37

KEY C34 V08 C18

KEY C36 V06

KEY C36 V15 C19


~~~ V11/A/ ~~~


ALL V08 • C25 V15

ALL C28 C16 V07 C28


BALL C16 V11 C38 C22

BALL C38 V09 C33


CAR C16 V08 C38 C18

CAR C16 V09 C37

CAR C24 V06 C38

CAR C28 V02 C22

CAR C32 V03 C16

CAR C37 V08 C19

CARD C17 V08 C38 C19

CARPET C17 V01 C23

CART C32~C36 V10 C37


FATHER C37 V01 C34 C19


SHARP C30 V09 • C18 V15

STAR C24 V02 C30


WALK C36 V06

WALL C16 V06 • C16 V15

WASH C17 V08 C37

WASH C18 V04 C17

WASH C22 C37 V03 C26

WASH C28 C18 V01 C34 C19

WASH C38 V09 C33

WATCH C18 V13 • V15

WATCH C19 V03 C23

WATCH C33 V06 • C22 V15

WATCH C36 V15 C19

WATER C16 C38 V09 C24

WATER C17 V06 C28

WATER C22 C38 V01 C24 C18

WATER C24 V11 C37

WATER C30 V05 C19

WATER C33 V05 • C37 V04 C34

WATER C33 V11 C38 C22


WATER C37 V07 C34


~~~ V11/AU_E/ ~~~


SAUCE C16 V01 C34


~~~ V11/AW/ ~~~


DRAW C17 C38 V02 C21


~~~ V12/OO/ ~~~


BOOK V05 C34 C19

BOOK C22 V06 C28

BOOK C28 V05 • C37 V15

BOOK C28 C18 V08 C38

BOOK C30 V05 C37 C24

BOOK C33 V08 • C17 V02 C37

BOOK C34 V12 C22

BOOK C36 V15 C33


FOOT C16 C38 V02 C34 C18 C28

FOOT C17 V11 C37

FOOT C32 V02 C37

FOOT C34 V08 C18

FOOT C37 V03 • C22 V15

FOOT C37 V07 C18 C28

FOOT C38 V05 C28 C18


GOOD C17 V07


HOOK C36 V15 C33


WOOD C30 V03 C16


~~~ V13/OW/ ~~~


DOWN C18 V13 C34


HOW V05 • C25 V15



~~~ V13/OU/ ~~~


ROUND V04 • C17 V13 C18


SOUND C16 C38 V09 C24

SOUTH V10 C28 C18

SOUTH C36 V05 C28 C18



~~~ V13/OU_E/ ~~~


HOUSE C17 V08 C18

HOUSE C22 V10 • C16 V15

HOUSE C32 V08 C37 C19



~~~ V14/OI_E/ ~~~


NOISE C33 V06 • C22 V15



~~~ V14/OY/ ~~~


SOY C17 V10 C34

SOY C28 V14



~~~ V15/EAR/ ~~~


EARTH C22+C36 V06 C22

EARTH C36 V15 C33


~~~ V15/ER/ ~~~


HER C28 V05 C37 C24



~~~ V15/UR/ ~~~


TURN V03 C24

TURN V04 • C17 V13 C18

TURN V04 • C38 V13 C34 C19

TURN C16 V04 • C22 V04~C37

TURN C19 V13 C34

TURN C22 V08 C18

TURN C22 V10

Bilingual Lesson

HOMEROOM reports that almost 5 million students in the U.S. are English learners (9%).  Spanish-speaking students might enjoy this language lesson during the holiday season.

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the casa (home),

Not a creature was stirring –

Caramba!  (Damn it!)  Que pasa? (What up?)

Los ninos (the children) were tucked away in their camas (beds),

Some in long underwear, some in pajamas.

While hanging the stocking with mucho cuidado (great care)

in hopes that old Santa would feel obligado (obligated)

to bring all children, both buenos (good) and malos (bad),

A nice batch of dulces (sweets) and other regalos (gifts).

Outside in the yard there arose such a grito (shout)

That I jumped to my feet like a frightened cabrito (kid).

I ran to the window and looked afuera (out),

And who in the world do you think that era (it was)?

Saint Nick in a sleigh and a big red sombrero (hat)

Came dashing along like a crazy bombero (firefighter).

And pulling his sleigh, instead of venados (deer),

Were eight little burros (donkeys) approaching volados (by flying).

I watched as they came and this quaint little hombre (man)

Was shouting and whistling and calling by nombre (name:

“Ay (Oh) Pancho, ay Pepe, ay Cuco, ay Berto,

Ay Chato, ay Chopo, Macuco, y Nieto!”

Then standing erect with hands on his pecho (chest)

He flew to the top of our very own techo (ceiling).

With his round little belly like a bowl of jalea (jelly),

He struggled to squeeze down our old chimenea (chimney).

Then huffing and puffing, at last in our sala (room),

With soot smeared all over his red suit de gala (party clothes),

He filled all the stockings with lovely regalos (gifts) –

For none of the ninos (chidren) had been very malos (bad).

Then chuckling aloud, seeming very contento (happy),

He turned like a flash and was gone like the viento (wind).

And I heard him exclaim, and this is veridad (true),






V05 –or – V06/e/ era, de, que, pecho, Pepe, Berto, Feliz, techo, regalos, venados, veridad


V08/o/obligado, los, Chopo, hombre, nombre, bombero, contento, sombrero, volados

V09/u/ burro, Cuco, buenos, dulces, mucho, cuidado

V09/ui/ suit

V10/i/ grito, ninos, Nieto, viento, chimenea

V11/a/ ay, afuera, Chato, camas, casa, pasa, gala, Pancho, malos, salsa, cabrito, caramba, jalea, Macuco, Navidad





Could I… ???

Could I practice bold virtue in every thought, my joys would surely multiply.  The further I go, the less I know; somehow there is always MORE to explore.

V01/a/ practice

V02/i/ in, is

V03/ough/ thought

V04/u/ multiply

V04/e/ the

V04/o_e/ some, somehow

V05/e/ every, explore, less

V06/ay/ may

V06/e_e/ there

V07/i/ I

V07/y/ my

V08/o_e/ more

V08/o/ go, bold

V08/ow/ know

V09/o/ to

V10/e/ because

V11/a/ always

V12/ou/ could, would

V13/ow/ how

V14/oy/ joy(s)

V15/ir/ virtue

V15/ur/ further

V15/ure/ surely

[A] [B] [C] [D] [E]… Go for it!!

[A]  PHONOLOGICAL ACUITY :: Use WA’s Sound Map.  Differentiate.  Articulate.  Blend speech sounds.  Rhyme.

[B]  CONCEPTS OF PRINT :: Spell-out speech sounds.  Say letter names.  Craft letter shapes.  Use left-to-right directionality.  Credit author/illustrator.  Examine book parts.

[C]  READING READINESS :: Pronounce and spell vocabulary-to-be-read.  Use WA’s *CloudSpelling* and Word Lists for Literature Mastery.  Notice roots.  Notice affixes.

[D]  READ TO DISCOVER :: Visualize.  Predict.  Make connections.  Clarify.  Summarize.  Fluently intone an author’s message with appropriate emphasis.

[E]  SHARE INSIGHTS :: Think critically.  Dare to inquire more deeply.  Discuss.  Debate.  Enjoy!

How to spell her name?

babyWhenever we talk about “spelling” in regards to language arts, the “how-to” of it all is really very easy.  Well… easy when one knows which letter(s) will represent each sound unit, and hard if one doesn’t.

One has to KNOW what one knows; spelling is about hearing, seeing and remembering.

Fundamentally, one must be able to differentiate between parsed sound-units, be able to recognize them at least within one’s own thoughts, and then blend those units into a whole word.  Print-out each representation using relevant letter(s).  Remember, spelling is a social convention and, as such, is subject to change over time.  But on any given day, students/employees must know the “correct” conventions of language to earn good evaluations for promotions.

If you wanted your baby girl to be called the common name shown below, which spelling would you choose?


1st unit:  Options for Consonant Sound C22


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/N/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/N/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/N/


3rd unit: Change V02/I/ to V02/Y/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/N/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/N/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/N/


5th unit:  Change C18/T/ to C19/D/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/N/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/N/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/N/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/ • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/N/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/ • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/N/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/ • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/N/


6th unit:  Options include V02/V04/V05


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/Y/ C34/N/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/Y/ C34/N/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/Y/ C34/N/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V04/A/ C34/N/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V04/A/ C34/N/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V04/A/ C34/N/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V05/E/ C34/N/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V05/E/ C34/N/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V05/E/ C34/N/


7th unit:  Change C34/N/ to C34/NN/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/ • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/  • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/Y/ C28/S/ • C19/D/ V02/I/ C34/NN/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/Y/ C34/NN/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/Y/ C34/NN/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V02/Y/ C34/NN/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V04/A/ C34/NN/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V04/A/ C34/NN/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V04/A/ C34/NN/


C22/K/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V05/E/ C34/NN/


C22/C/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V05/E/ C34/NN/


C22/CH/ C38/R/ V02/I/ C28/S/ • C18/T/ V05/E/ C34/NN/


All of the above are not to be confused with the names “Kirsten” or “Christian” which do sound similar.   Now I’m curious to know the algorithm’s rationale for spell-check alerts!

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