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V01/a/ Abstractions will become concrete

V01/a/ Clarify sound-letter confusions

V01/a/ “Granularity” (smallest sound-units) and “Singularity”

V01/a/ Manifest Bloom’s Taxonomy

V01/a/ Master sound-sequencing

V01/a/ Mastery, one word at a time

V01/a/ Practice makes permanent

V01/a/ Transcend English inconsistencies


V02/i/ If not YOU, then who?

V02/i/ If you have ears, please listen!

V02/i/ Improve your own understanding

V02/i/ Input. Code. Store. Access.

V02/i/ Springboard to other activities

V02/i/ This learning is self-perpetuating

V02/i_e/ Give correct and direct instruction


V03/o/ Conscientious word study

V03/o/ Consonants are C16-C39

V03/o/ Noninstitutionalized, noncommercial, nonprofit


V04/a/ Accomplish your language goals

V04/o/ Consolidate language foundations


V05/e/ Effective with any literature

V05/e/ Embrace life-long learning

V05/e/ Empower your learners

V05/e/ Engage learners of all ages

V05/e/ Examine relative complexities

V05/e/ Examine sound-sorted word lists

V05/e/ Extreme phoneme segmentation

V05/e/ Extreme phonetic analysis

V05/e/ Extreme speech sound awareness

V05/e/ Extreme word analysis

V05/e/ Get an “ear” for English sounds

V05/e/ Get and give a sound foundation

V05/e/ Get clarity for proper teaching

V05/e/ Get ready ahead-of-time

V05/e/ Get smart with WA

V05/e/ Segment words by sound


V06/a_e/ Make remediation unnecessary

V06/a/ AKA “Equational Literacy” E = V + C   E – C = V

V06/ai/ Brain-friendly lessons

V06/ay/ Way to grow confident readers


V07/i/ Identify individual phonemes

V07/i/ Mindfully focus on word-structure

V07/i/ Primal sounds vs. ABCs


V08/o_e/ Code speech sounds (encode/decode)

V08/o_e/ More precise.  More versatile.

V08/o/ Don’t major on the minors!

V08/o/ No skipping.  No guessing.

V08/o/ Phonemes vs. Graphemes

V08/o/ Phonemes will trump graphemes

V08/o/ Phonemic analysis for beginners

V08/o/ Phonemic awareness is not accidental

V08/o/ Phonemic processing is crucial

V08/o/ Profound instructional implications

V08/o/ Pronounce and spell speech sounds

V08/o/ Provide proper direction


V09/oo_e/ Choose your own literature

V09/ew/ Newer research, newer pedagogy


V10/-/ V01 through C39

V10/e/ Become consciously aware of speech sounds

V10/e/ Decide for yourself

V10/e/ Demystify alphabetic complexities

V10/e/ Precise sound-spellings

V10/e/ Prerequisite, not optional

V10/e/ Prerequisite to language success

V10/e/ Reliably predict achievement

V10/ea/ Easier sooner, harder later

V10/ea/ Easily drill 39 English speech sounds

V10/ea/ Clear-headed approach for all ages

V10/ea/ Hear and see speech sounds

V10/ea/ Hear every sound in spoken words

V10/ea/ Speak-to-spell for explicit recall

V10/ea/ Teach to the smallest factor


V11/a/ Articulations, not fonts

V11/au/ Auditory/visual input-to-memory


V12/oo/ Good for auditory/visual memory


V13/ou/ Sound knowledge equals sound instruction

V13/ou/ Sounds are heard, said, seen, read

V13/ow/ Vowels are V01-V15


V14/oy/ Boys and girls need WA


V15/ear/ Learn sound-letter correspondences

V15/ear/ Learn speech sounds and their spellings

V15/ear/ Learn to process speech sounds with…


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