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Good news!  Back in 2008, for Google’s Project 10^100, I described WordsAhead as a core language learning system where words-to-be-read will be taught by spelling individual sound-units.  My vision then was to create an on-line “word bank” based on my innovative encoding algorithm to help language learners correctly pronounce and spell pertinent vocabulary.  After decades of scientific research and billions of federal dollars for a variety of educational initiatives, improvements remain small in magnitude.  WordsAhead wants to restructure language learning by shifting the focus to granular sound-units.  Still.


V02/i/ Innovation Associations

V02/i/ Innovation Incubators

V02/i/ Innovators

V02/i/ Videographers

V03/o/ Podcasters

V03/ough/ Thought Leaders in Innovation Space

V04/o/ Community Director of XPRIZE

V04/o/ Community Management

V05/e/ Enthusiasts

V05/e/ Ex-Team Leaders

V05/e/ Ex-Team Members

V05/e/ Ex-Team Sponsors

V05/e/ Ex-Team Support Group



V08/o/ Photographers

V08/oa/ Board of Trustees of XPRIZE


C39+V09/u/ Future Team Leaders

C39+V09/u/ Future Team Media

C39+V09/u/ Future Team Members

C39+V09/u/ Future Team Sponsors

C39+V09/u/ Future Team Support Gorup

C39+V09/u/ Future Team Winners

V10/-/ CEO of XPRIZE

V10/e/ Event Management

V10/e/ Reporters

V10/ea/ Leaders

V10/ea/ Team Leaders

V10/ea/ Team Members

V10/ea/ Team Sponsors

V10/ea/ Team Support Group

V10/ea/ Team Winners





V15/our/ Journalists