Explicit Sound-Spellings

In the following list, click on any sound-code.  If you scroll down past the graphic/pages you can view relevant vocabulary taken from Florence Akins “Word Mastery” and Rudolf Flesch “Why Johnny Can’t Read” to illustrate each sound-unit.

V01 /a/ h a t; /a_e/ d a nc e ; /ai/ pl ai d; /au/ l au gh (formerly Short-A) V01

V02 /i/ sh i p; /i_e/ g i v e ; /e/ pr e tty; /ee/ b ee n; /u/ b u sy; /ui/ b ui ld … (formerly Short-I)

V03 /o/ d o t; /o_e/ g o n e ; /oa/ br oa d; /ou/ c ou gh; /ough/ th ough t; /ow/ kn ow ledge (formerly Short-O; compare to V11)

V04 /u/ c u p; /u_e/ j u dg e ; /e/ th e ;  /a/ a bout; /o/ o f; /o_e/ l o v e ; /oo/ fl oo d; /ou/ y ou ng … (formerly Short-U)

V05 /e/ b e ll; /e_e/ e ls e ; /ea/ h ea d; /a/ a ny; /ai/ s ai d; /ay/ s ay s; /ie/ fr ie nd; /u/ b u ry; /ue/ g ue ss … (formerly Short-E)

V06 /a_e/ c a n e ; /a/ b a by; /ai/ ai r; /ai_e/ r ai s e ; /ay/ d ay ; /e_e/ th e r e ; /ea/ w ea r; /ei/ th ei r; /ey/ th ey  … (formerly Long-A)

V07 /i_e/ k i t e ; /i/ ch i ld; /ie/ d ie ; /ia/ tr ia l; /igh/ l igh t; /uy/ b uy ; /eye/ eye ; /ai_e/ ai sl e ; /ye/ r ye ; /y_e/ t y p e   … (formerly Long-I)

V08 /o_e/ c o n e ; /o/ o r; /oe/ t oe ; /oa/ oa t; /oo/ d oo r; /ou/ f ou r; /ou_e/ c ou rs e ; /ow/ ow n; /owe/ owe  … (formerly Long-O)

V09 /u_e/ t u b e ; /u/ tr u th; /ue/ bl ue ; /ui/ s ui t; /ew/ ch ew ; /o/ d o ; /o_e/ m o v e ; /oo/ t oo ; /ou/ y ou  …(formerly Long-U)

C39+V09  /u_e/ u s e ; /u/ h u man; /eau/ b eau ty; /ew/ f ew (formerly Long-U)

V10 /ee/ f ee t; /ee_e/ ch ee s e ; /e/ m e ; /e_e/ e v e ; /ea/ t ea ch; /ea_e/ p ea c e ; /ey/ k ey ; /y/ an y  … (formerly Long-E)

V11 /a/ b a ll;  /a_e/ a r e ; /au/ f au lt; /au_e/ p au s e ; /augh/ c augh t; /aw/ s aw ; /awe/ awe ; /ea/ h ea rt; /ua/ g ua rd (sounds like V03)

V12 /oo/ h oo k; /o/ w o man; /ou/ c ou ld; /u/ p u sh

V13 /ow/ d ow n; /ow_e/ dr ow s e ; /ou/ ou t; /ou_e/ h ou s e ; /ough/ b ough ; /hou/ hou r

V14 /oy/ b oy ; /oi/ j oi n; /oi_e/ ch oi c e

V15 /ir/ g ir l;  /ear/ ear th; /er/ h er ; /er_e/ n er v e ; /or/ w or k; /oe_e/ w or s e ; /orr/ w orr y; /ur/ h ur t; /urr/ p urr ; /ure/ s ure

C39+V15 /ur/ f ur y; /ure/ p ure (compare to C38)

C16 /p/ page; /pp/ puppy (formerly P-Sound)

C17 /b/ bed; /bb/ shabby (formerly B-Sound)

C18 /t/ tub; /tt/ kitty; /tw/ two; /ed/ laughed; /d/ scraped (formerly T-Sound)

C19 /d/ dish; /dd/ add; /ed/ nagged; /ld/ could (formerly D-Sound)

C20 /ch/ chase; /tch/ hatch; /t/ nature

C21 /j/ joy; /g/ gel; /gg/ Reggie; /d/ educate; /dg/ badge (formerly Soft-G)

C22 /c/ cat; /cc/ soccer; /ch/ chord; /ck/ pack; /k/ king; /lk/ chalk; /qu/ liquor; /x/ excite (formerly Hard C and/or K-Sound)

C22+C28 /x/ axe, fix, box, flux, hex (formerly X-Sound)

C22+C36 /qu/ quack, quit, quell, quake, quite, quote, queen, quail, squirt (formerly Q-Sound)

C23 /g/ gate; /gg/ baggy; /gh/ ghost (formerly Hard-G)

C23+C29 /x/ exact, example (formerly X-Sound)

C24 /f/ fun; /ff/ off; /ph/ phone; /gh/ laugh; /lf/ half (formerly F-Sound)

C25 /v/ vote; /f/ of; /lv/ halves (formerly V-Sound)

C26 /th/ thank, thimble, thought, thumb (formerly TH-Sound)

C27 /th/ that, this, them, thy, though (formerly TH-Sound)

C28 /s/ sun; /ss/ kiss; /c/ ace; /z/ quartz; /st/ listen; /sc/ scissors; /ps/ pseudo (formerly Soft-C)

C29 /z/ zoom; /zz/ buzz; /x/ xylophone; /s/ his; /ss/ dessert (formerly Z-Sound)

C30 /sh/ shoe; /s/ sugar; /ss/ mission; /t/ nation; /c/ ocean; /ch/ chef (formerly SH-Sound)

C31 /s/ measure; /z/ azure; /g/ beige

C32 /h/ house; /wh/ who (formerly H-Sound)

C32+C36 /wh/ whim, what, whale

C33 /m/ man; /mm/ hammer; /lm/ lamb (formerly M-Sound)

C34 /n/ nail; /nn/ banner; /dn/ Wednesday; /gn/ gnome; /kn/ know; /ln/ Lincoln… (formerly N-Sound)

C35 /ng/ sing; /n/ English

C36 /w/ wish; /-/ one (formerly W-Sound)

C37 /l/ leg; /ll/ still (formerly L-Sound)

C38 /r/ red; /rr/ terror; /wr/ wrap; /rh/ rhubarb (formerly R-Sound; compare to V15)

C39 /y/ year; /i/ million (formerly Y-Sound)