Speech productions will be as variable as each individual speaker, yet evolving brains imprint basic “native tongue” patterns to imitate. 

Toddlers will realize that waves of phrases actually contain individual words.  Preschoolers will learn that every word can be parsed into individual sound-units which – when heard and said – become reliable underpinnings for both spelling and reading.  Adults, by our example, will teach our children that vocabulary acquisition is indeed a life-long venture.

Standardization of conventional wisdom regarding language-learning must come from crowdsourcing.  Although educational experts may continue to disagree on quantity/quality of sound-units, all instruction will be strengthened whenever we create a durable SOUND foundation for the learner.

Know the Essentials


American posts an interactive MAP of basic physical materials shown above, with code-abbreviations, then states a straight-forward call to action which is facilitated by detailed information about each unit, including properties, safety data, products, research and isotopes, plus hot topics like nanotechnology, sputtering targets, rare earths, green technology, alternative energy, fuel cells, ultra high purity, solar energy, bio-medical grade metals and alloys, metal foams, hydrogen storage materials, and battery technology.

With even more urgency regarding your creative empowerment, WordsAhead posts its MAP of basic language/speech units (not yet interactive) and also invites you to take action:

HEAR the sounds.  SAY the sounds.  SPELL the sounds.  READ!


Here are first-syllable vowel sounds:


V01/a/ Actinium [Ac]

V01/a/ Antimony [Sb]

V01/a/ Astatine [At]

V01/a/ Cadmium [Cd]

V01/a/ Calcium [Ca]

V01/a/ Californium [Cf]

V01/a/ Francium [Fr]

V01/a/ Gadolinium [Gd]

V01/a/ Gallium [Ga]

V01/a/ Hafnium [Hf]

V01/a/ Lanthanum [La]

V01/a/ Manganese [Mn]

V01/a/ Magnesium [Mg]

V01/a/ Platinum [Pt]

V01/a/ Scandium [Sc]

V01/a/ Tantalum [Ta]

V01/a/ Thallium [Tl]


V02/i/ Indium [In]

V02/i/ Iridium [Ir]

V02/y/ Ytterbium [Yb]

V02/y/ Yttrium [Y]

V02/i/ Bismuth [Bi]

V02/i/ Lithium [Li]

V02/i/ Livermorium [Lv]

V02/i/ Nickel [Ni]

V02/i/ Silicon [Si]

V02/i/ Silver [Ag]

V02/i/ Tin [Sn]

V02/i/ Zinc [Zn]

V02/y/ Dysprosium [Dy]

V02/y/ Krypton [Kr]


V03/o/ Osmium [Os]

V03/o/ Oxygen [O]

V03/O/ Copper [Cu]

V03/o/ Phosphorus [P]

V03/o/ Strontium [Sr]


V04/u/ Rutherfordium [Rf]

V04/u/ Sulfur [S]

V04/u/ Tungsten [W]

V04/e/ Selenium [Se]

V04/a/ Aluminum [Al]

V04/a/ Americium [Am]

V04/a/ Palladium [Pd]

V04/a/ Samarium [Sm]

V04/a/ Vanadium [V]

V04/o/ Copernicium [Cn]

V04/o/ Molybdenum [Mo]

V04/o/ Polonium [Po]

V04/o/ Promethium [Pm]


V05/e/ Flerovium [Fl]

V05/e/ Neptunium [Np]

V05/e/ Mendelevium [Md]

V05/e/ Technetium [Tc]

V05/e/ Tellurium [Te]

V05/ea/ Lead [Pb]

V05/oe/ Roentgenium [Rg]


V06/a/ Barium [Ba]

V06/a/ Praseodymium [Pr]

V06/a/ Radium [Ra]

V06/a/ Radon [Rn]


V07/i/ Iodine [I]

V07/i/ Iron [Fe]

V07/i/ Niobium [Nb]

V07/i/ Nitrogen [N]

V07/i/ Titanium [Ti]

V07/ei/ Einsteinium [Es]

V07/ei/ Meitnerium [Mt]

V07/y/ Hydrogen [H]


V08/o/ Bohrium [Bh]

V08/o/ Boron [B]

V08/o/ Bromine [Br]

V08/o/ Chlorine [Cl]

V08/o/ Chromium [Cr]

V08/o/ Cobalt [Co]

V08/o/ Gold [Au]

V08/o/ Holmium [Ho]

V08/o/ Nobelium [No]

V08/o/ Potassium [K]

V08/o/ Protactinium [Pa]

V08/o/ Rhodium [Rh]

V08/o/ Sodium [Na]

V08/o/ Thorium [Th]

V08/uo/ Fluorine [F]


V09/u/ Ununoctium [Uuo]

V09/u/ Ununpentium [Uup]

V09/u/ Ununseptium [Uus]

V09/u/ Ununtrium [Uut]

V09/u/ Dubnium [Db]

V09/u/ Lutetium [Lu]

V09/u/ Plutonium [Pu]

V09/u/ Rubidium [Rb]

V09/u/ Ruthenium [Ru]

V09/u/ Thulium [Tm]

C39+V09/u/ Uranium [U]

C39+V09/eu/ Europium [Eu]


V10/e/ Cesium [Cs]

V10/e/ Helium [He]

V10/e/ Neodymium [Nd]

V10/e/ Neon [Ne]

V10/e/ Rhenium [Re]

V10/e/ Xenon [Xe]

V10/ea/ Seaborgium [Sg]


V11/a/ Argon [Ar]

V11/a/ Arsenic [As]

V11/a/ Carbon [C]

V11/a/ Darmstadtium [Ds]

V11/a/ Hassium [Hs]

V11/aw/ Lawrencium [Lr]


V12 (none)

V13 (none)

V14 (none)


V15/ir/ Zirconium [Zr]

V15/er/ Erbium [Er]

V15/er/ Berkelium [Bk]

V15/er/ Beryllium [Be]

V15/er/ Cerium [Ce]

V14/er/ Fermium [Fm]

V15/er/ Germanium [Ge]

V15/er/ Mercury [Hg]

V15/er/ Terbium [Tb]

C39+V15/ur/ Curium [Cm]

Best Answer

Parsed sound-units are heard before they are spelled-out.

This is the best answer to the good question, “How is the WordsAhead spelling method unique?”  Again, V01-C39 come ahead of ABCs.


C32 + V13

C32/H/ V13/OW/



V02 + C29

V02/I/ C29/S/



C27 + V04

C27/TH/ V04/E/



C36 + V15 + C19 + C29

C36/W/ V15/OR/ C19/D/ C29/S/



V04 + C32 + V05 + C19

V04/A/ • C32/H/ V05/EA/ C19/D/



C28 + C16 + V05 + C37 + V02 + C35

C28/S/ C16/P/ V05/E/ • C37/LL/ V02/I/ C35/NG/



C33 + V05 + C26 + V04 + C19

C33/M/ V05/E/ • C26/TH/ V04/O/ C19/D/



C39 + V09 + C34 + V10 + C22

C39+V09/U/ • C34/N/ V10/I_E/ C22/QU/



C16 + V11 + C38 + C28 + C18

C16/P/ V11/A_E/ C38/R/ C28/S/ C18/D/



C28 + V13 + C34 + C19

C28/S/ V13/OU/ C34/N/ C19/D/



C39 + V09 + C34 + V02 + C18 + C28

C39+V09/U/ • C34/N/ V02/I/ C18/T/ C28/S/



C22 + V04 + C33

C22/C/ V04/O_E/ C33/M/



C24 + V15 + C28 + C18

C24/F/ V15/IR/ C28/S/ C18/T/



V06 + C17 + V10 + C28 + V10 + C29

V06/A/ • C17+V10/B/ • C28+V10/C/ C29/s/



C24 + V03 + C37 + V08

C24/F/ V03/O/ • C37/LL/ V08/OW/




Hear With Other Ears

“The essence of reproduction, to feel and re-create that which was felt and imparted by the creator (ie., author, composer, architect, etc.) does not exclude – within natural limitations – the assertion of creative power….

The interpreting artist creates, in a sense, the work ANEW… seizes the vital conception of the art work, blends it with his/her own ego and the views of the period, and thus imbues it with life and effectiveness….

(We can) approach art-productions of earlier times through the medium of OUR OWN spiritual and emotional nature.”

Dr. Hugo Goldschmidt

Die Lehre von der vokalen Ornamentik des 17. und 18. Jahrhunderts

[Translation: The teaching of the vocal ornamentation of the 17th and 18th Centuries]

Methods and Practices of Teaching [Pedagogy]

Many educators are taught to teach vowels/consonants and yet most teachers incorrectly think of Letters /b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, q, r, s, t, v, w, x, y, z/ as consonants and /a, e, i, o, u/ as vowels.

Vowels/consonants are SPEECH SOUNDS, not letters, so words with one individual vowel sound (e.g. a, eye, oh/owe, ah, ow) ought to be represented only with a capital letter “veee” V, not conventionally itemizing individual letters /e/ /y/ /e/ as vcv.

Words with a vowel sound and a consonant sound (e.g. at, if, ought, up, egg, ate, ice, owed, eat, all, our, oil, irk) are correctly Vc.  Conventional pedagogy wrongly represents ought as vvccc /o/ /u/ /g/ /h/ /t/.

WordsAhead says cVc equals consonant-vowel-consonant (e.g. hat, ship, dot, cup, bell, cane, kite, cone, tube, feet, ball, hook, down, boys, girl).  Conventional pedagogy wrongly thinks about letters:

Wrongly cvvc for “book”; correctly cVc

Wrongly cvcv for “tube”; correctly cVc

Wrongly cvccc for “might”; correctly cVc

Wrongly cvvcc for “laugh”; correctly cVc

WordsAhead says ccVc includes two consonant sounds, one vowel sound, then one consonant sound (e.g. plays, smile, croak, stoop, clean, fraught, plowed, spoil, flirt).  Conventional pedagogy wrongly represents fraught as ccvvccc /f/ /r/ /a/ /u/ /g/ /h/ /t/.  It is, therefore, no mystery why learners are fraught with confusion!

Microscopic Perspective

Hear same sounds, see different spellings:

Both words end C23 V12 C37.  Seagull is C23/g/ V12/u/ C37/ll/Google is C23/g/ V12+C37/le/ (spelling is reversed)


Hear same sounds with different V/C functions:

V15 and C38 sound the same.  Girl is C23/g/ V15/ir/ C37/l/; grill is C23/g/ C38/r/ V02/i/ C37/ll/.

Your child can become a language-coding SUPERSTAR!!

WordsAhead Word Lists help you parse and pronounce exact vocabulary used by many popular children’s book authors, here listed in “V01 through V15” order:


V01/a/ Abercrombie, Barbara

V01/a/ Adler, David

V01/a/ Adnet, Bernard

V01/a/ Allard, Harry

V01/a/ Angelou, Maya

V01/a/ Asch, Frank

V01/a/ Ashman, Howard

V01/a/ Bang, Molly

V01/a/ Bannerman, Helen

V01/a/ Barrett, Joyce

V01/a/ Blaxland, Wendy

V01/a/ Campbell, Rod

V01/a/ Cannon, Janell

V01/a/ Carrick, Carol

V01/a/ Crampton, Gertrude

V01/a/ Dabcovich, Lydia

V01/a/ Danneberg, Julie

V01/a/ Franklin, Benjamin

V01/a/ Glassman, Jackie

V01/a/ Hallinan, P. K.

V01/a/ Hanford, Martin

V01/a/ Jackson, K. and B.

V01/a/ Maccarone, Grace

V01/a/ Pandell, Karen

V01/a/ Parish, Peggy

V01/a/ Raffi

V01/a/ Rathmann, Peggy

V01/a/ Sams, Carle

V01/a/ Samuels, Vyanne

V01/a/ Sanchez, Isidro

V01/a/ Sanders, Scott

V01/a/ Scarry, Richard

V01/a/ Shannon, David

V01/a/ Taback, Simms

V01/a/ Tafolla, Carmen

V01/a/ Tang, Greg

V01/a/ VanFleet, Matthew


V02/i/ Brillhart, Julie

V02/i/ Cimarusti, Marie

V02/i/ Gilbert, Ray

V02/i/ Ginsburg, Mirra

V02/i/ Hill, Eric

V02/i/ Kitamura, Satoshi

V02/i/ Lincoln, Abraham

V02/i/ Ling, Mary

V02/i/ Lithgow, John

V02/i/ Littledale, Freya

V02/i/ Miller, Margaret

V02/i_e/ Milne, A. A.

V02/i/ Pinkney, Bill

V02/i/ Priddy, Roger

V02/i/ Rich, Anna

V02/i/ Risom, Ole

V02/i/ Silberg, Francis

V02/i/ Silverstein, Shel

V02/i/ Strickland, Paul

V02/i/ Twist, Lynne

V02/i/ Zimmerman, Andrea

V02/ie/ Sieszka, Jon

V02/i/ Wilbur, Richard

V02/i_e/ Wilkes, Angela

V02/i/ Williams, Margery

V02/i/ Williams, Sue

V02/i/ Williams, Vera

V02/i/ Wing, Natasha

V02/y_e/ Gwynne, Fred


V03/o/ Oppenheim, S. L.

V03/o/ Oxenbury, Helen

V03/o/ Bond, Felicia

V03/o/ Bond, Michael

V03/o/ Connors, Carol

V03/o/ Conrad, Pam

V03/o/ Dodd, Lynley

V03/o/ Fox, Mem

V03/o/ Hoff, Syd

V03/o/ Kotzwinkle, William

V03/o/ Potter, Beatrix

V03/o/ Roberts, Elizabeth M.

V03/o/ Rogers, Fred

V03/o/ Scott, Ann

V03/o/ Thomas, Joyce Carol

V03/o/ Thompson, Gare

V03/o/ Tompert, Ann

V03/oh/ John, Elton

V03/oh/ Johnson, Angela

V03/oh/ Johnson, Crockett

V03/oh/ Johnson, D. B.


V04/-/ McBratney, Sam

V04/-/ McCloskey, Robert

V04/-/ McDonald, Megan

V04/-/ McGuinness, Carmen and Geoffrey

V04/-/ McKisack, Pat

V04/-/ McPhail, David

V04/u/ Bunting, Eve

V04/u/ Hutchins, Pat

V04/u/ Muldoon, Kathleen

V04/u/ Munsch, Robert

V04/u/ Munsinger, Lynn

V04/u/ Puncel, Maria

V04/u/ Runnells, Treesha

V04/u/ Schultz, Charles

V04/u/ Sutherland, Tui

V04/e/ de Brunhoff, Jean

V04/e/ Demuth, Patricia

V04/e/ Medearis, Michael

V04/e/ Petrone, Valeria

V04/e/ Prelutsky, Jack

V04/a/ Chabot, Jean-Phillips

V04/a/ Gramatky, Hardie

V04/a/ Havill, Juanita

V04/a/ Karas, G. Brian

V04/a/ Trapani, Iza

V04/o/ Monro, Leaf

V04/o/ Mother Goose

V04/o/ Mother Terersa

V04/o/ Polacco, Patricia

V04/oo/ Blood, Charles

V04/ou/ Cousins, Lucy

V04/ou/ Douglass, Barbara

V04/ou/ Young, Ed


V05/e/ Ellis, Veronica Freeman

V05/e/ Eminem

V05/e/ Epstein, Elaine

V05/e/ Bemelmans, Ludwig

V05/e/ Bennett, Jill

V05/e/ Berenstain, Stan and Jan

V05/e/ Blegvad, Lenore

V05/e/ Brett, Jan

V05/e/ Clements, Andrew

V05/e/ Demi

V05/e/ Feldman, Jack

V05/e/ Gentieu, Penny

V05/e/ Heller, Ruth

V05/e/ Henkes, Kevin

V05/e/ Keller, Holly

V05/e/ Kellogg, Steve

V05/e/ Kennedy, Edward M.

V05/e/ Lenski, Lois

V05/e/ Levinson, Riki

V05/e/ Levitin, Sonia

V05/e/ Menken, Alan

V05/e/ Merriam, Eve

V05/e/ Penn, Audrey

V05/e/ Selsam, Millicent

V05/e/ Sendak, Maurice

V05/e/ Sesame Street

V05/e/ Steptoe, John

V05/e/ Wells, Rosemary

V05/e/ Westcott, Nadine Bernard


V06/a_e/ Bare, Colleen

V06/a_e/ Slate, Joseph

V06/a_e/ Tazewell, Charles

V06/a_e/ Wade, Lee

V06/ae/ Aesop

V06/a/ Ada, Alma Flor

V06/a/ Baker, Alan

V06/a/ Baker, Keith

V06/a/ David, Mack with Al Hoffman, Jerry Livingston

V06/a/ Davis, Katie

V06/a/ Hazen, Barbara Shook

V06/a/ Kalen, Robert

V06/a/ Mahy, Margaret

V06/a/ Quaker Oats recipe

V06/a/ Waber, Bernard

V06/ai/ Aiken, Joan

V06/ai_e/ Gaines, Isabel

V06/ai_e/ Staines, Bill

V06/ay/ Mayer, Mercer

V06/ay/ Thayer, Jane

V06/ey/ Rey, H. A.


V07/i_e/ Fine, Edith

V07/i_e/ Rice, Rim

V07/i/ Bible – The Lord’s Prayer

V07/i/ Wilder, Matthew

V07/i/ Zion, Gene

V07/igh/ Highlights Magazine

V07/ei/ Reiser, Lynn

V07/ei/ Schreiber, Anne

V07/ei/ Steiner, Joan

V07/ei/ Weinberg, Jennifer

V07/ei/ Weiss, Nicki

V07/y/ Hyman, Trina

V07/y/ Lyon, George

V07/y/ Wyeth, Sharon


V08/o_e/ Jones, Rebecca C.

V08/o/ O’Connor, Jane

V08/o/ Bogart, Jo Ellen

V08/o/ Cronin, Doreen

V08/o/ Florian, Douglas

V08/o/ Golden Books

V08/o/ Goldsmith, Howard

V08/o/ Gomi, Taro

V08/o/ Gross, Ruth

V08/o/ Hoban, Russell

V08/o/ Hoberman, Mary Ann

V08/o/ Kroll, Virginia

V08/o/ Lobel, Arnold

V08/o/ Mora, Francisco

V08/o/ Mora, Pat

V08/o/ Morey, Larry

V08/o/ Morris, Ann

V08/o/ Rosen, Michael

V08/o/ Rotner, Shelley

V08/o/ Schoberle, Cecile

V08/o/ Sorensen, Henri

V08/o/ Soto, Gary

V08/o/ Yolen, Jane

V08/o_e/ Crowe, Robert

V08/o_e/ Wolfe, R & P

V08/oa/ Voake, Charlotte

V08/ow_e/ Knowles, Sheena


V09/u/ Bruchac, Joseph

V09/u/ Duvoisin, Roger

V09/u/ Guarino, Deborah

V09/u/ Guback, Georgia

V09/u/ Knutson, Barbara

V09/u/ Kunhardt, Dorothy

V09/u/ Lucas, Catherine

V09/u/ Muth, Jon

V09/u/ Numeroff, Laura

V09/u/ Tuer, Judy

V09/u/ Wu, Norbert

V09/eu/ Seuss, Dr. (Ted Geisel)

V09/ew/ Crews, Donald

V09/ew/ Lewin, Hugh

V09/ew/ Lewis, Kevin

V09/ew/ Lewis, Rose

V09/ew/ Newman, Randy


V10/ee/ Freeman, Don

V10/ee/ Peek, Merle

V10/ee/ Sweeney, Joan

V10/ee/ Wong Herbert

V10/e/ Degan, Bruce

V10/e/ Peters, Lisa

V10/e/ Seder, Rufus Butler

V10/e/ Zemach, Margot

V10/e_e/ Strete, Craig

V10/ea/ Eastman, P. D.

V10/ea/ Keats, Ezra Jack

V10/ei/ Steig, William

V10/ei/ Weir, Alison

V10/i/ Gibran, Kahlil

V10/i/ Lionni, Leo

V10/ie/ Ziefert, Harriet

V10/i/ Viorst, Judith

V10/i/ Xiong, Blia


V11/a/ Alborough, Jez

V11/a/ Armstrong, Shane

V11/a/ Arnosky, Jim

V11/a/ Averill, Esther

V11/a/ Barton, Bryon

V11/a/ Capucilli, Alyssa

V11/a/ Carlstrom, Nancy

V11/a/ Garcia, Jerry

V11/a/ Katz, Karen

V11/a/ Larsen, Margie

V11/a/ Maestro, Betsy

V11/a/ Martin, Bill

V11/a/ Marzollo, Jean

V11/a/ Palmer, Helen

V11/a/ Waddell, Martin

V11/a/ Washington, Ned

V11/a/ Watson, Mary

V11/a_e/ Carle, Eric

V11/ah/ Ahlberg, Janet

V11/aw/ Awdry, Reverend W.


V12/oo/ Wood, Audrey

V12/oo/ Wood, Jakki

V12/u/ Bush, Laura and Jenna


V13/ow/ Brown, Marc

V13/ow/ Margaret Wise

V13/ow/ Cowley, Joy

V13/ow/ Fowler, Allan

V13/ow/ Lowrey, Janette S.

V13/ow/ Powell, Richard

V13/ow/ Rowling, J. K.

V13/au/ Krauss, Robert


V14/oy/ Boynton, Sandra

V14/oy/ Hoyt-Goldsmith Diane

V14/oi/ Stoick, Jean (Carl Sams)


V15/ir/ Kirk, David

B25/ur/ Burton, Virginia Lee

V15/ur/ Curtis, Jamie Lee

V15/ur/ Hurwitz, Johanna

V15/ur/ Nursery Rhymes

V15/ur/ Surat, Michele

V15/er/ Ernst, Lisa Campbell

V15/er/ Berger, Melvin and Gilda

V15/er/ Gergely, Tibor

V15/er/ Sherman, Richard


Note:  Imagine a Google search that let you click on the author’s name and HEAR the name spoken, preferably in the author’s actual voice!!  This would guarantee correct pronunciations.  For instance, how do you pronounce Charles Fuge or Wanda G’ag?

Sentence with all letters

To demonstrate fonts, Google Fonts Lato uses the following sentence because it contains every alphabet letter:


This is another demonstration of how many sound-units are not represented whenever ABCs are used as an organizational default.


V01/a/ and, Jack

V02/i/ wizards, toxic, evil

V03/o/ toxic

V04/u/ grumpy

V04/e/ the

V05 (missing /e/eggs, /ea/head, /ai/ said, /ie/ friend, etc.)

V06/a_e/ make

V07 (missing /i_e/ice, /i/find, /igh/light, /y/try, etc.)

V08/o/ for

V09/ew/ brew

C39+V09 (missing /u_e/cute, /u/music, /ue/cue, etc.)

V10/ee/ queen

V10/e/ evil

V10/y/ grumpy

V11 (missing /a/arm, /augh/ taught, /aw/ saw, etc.)

V12 (missing /oo/book, /o/woman, /ou/could, /u/ put, etc.)

V13 (missing /ow/cow, /ou/out, /hou/hour, etc.)

V14 (missing /oy/joy, /oi/coin, /oi_e/noise, etc.)

V15/ar/ wizards

C16/p/ grumpy

C17/b/ brew

C18/t/ toxic

C19/d/ and, wizards

C20 (missing /ch/chop, /tch/itch, /t/nature, etc.)

C21/j/ Jack

C22/k/ make

C22/c/ toxic

C22+C36/qu/ Queen

C23/g/ grumpy

C23+C29 (missing /x/exist, etc.)

C24/f/ for

C25/v/ evil

C26 (missing /th/thank, etc.)

C27/th/ the

C28 (missing /s/sing, /ss/guess, /c/ace, /ps/pseudo, etc.)

C29/z/, /s/ wizards

C30  (missing /sh/shoe, /s/sugar, /ss/tissue, /c/ocean, etc.)

C31 (missing /s/vision, /ss/fissure, /z/azure, /g/beige, etc.)

C32 (misisng /h/hug, /wh/who, etc.)

C32+C36 (missing /wh/which, etc.) 

C33/m/ make, grumpy

C34/n/ and, queen

C35 (missing /ng/ sing, /n/English, etc.)

C36/w/ wizards

C37/l/ evil

C38/r/ brew, grumpy, for

C39 (missing /y/yes, /i/billion, etc.)


Another sentence which has all letters, but not all sound-units:


V01 (missing /a/ant, /ai/plaid, /au/laugh, etc.)

V02/i/ quick

V03/o/ dog, fox

V04/u/ jumps

V04/e/ the

V05 (misisng /e/ebb, /ea/breath, /a/any, /ay/says, etc.)

V06/a/ lazy

V07 (misisng /i_e/life, /i/climb, /uy/buy, /eigh/height, etc.)

V08/o/ over

V09 (missing /u_e/rule, /u/truth, /ui/fruit, /ew/chew, etc.)

C39+V09 (missing /u_e/use, /u/usual, /ui_e/juice, etc.)

V10/y/ lazy

V11 (missing /a/tall, /au/author, /awe/awesome, etc.)

V12 (missing /oo/good, /ou/should, /u/push, etc.)

V13/ow/ brown

V14 (misisng /oy/royal, /oi/droid, /oi_e/voice, etc.)

V15/er/ over

C16/p/ jumps

C17/b/ brown

C18 (missing /t/tell, /tt/nutty, /tw/two, /bt/debt, etc.)

C19/d/ dog

C20 (misisng /ch/cheek, /tch/ fetch, /t/nurture, etc.)

C21/j/ jumps

C22/ck/ quick

C22+C28/x/ fox

C22+C36/qu/ quick

C23/g/ dog

C24/f/ fox

C25/v/ over

C26 (missing /th/thought, etc.)

C27/th/ the

C28/s/ jumps

C29/z/ lazy

C30 (missing /sh/shy, /s/sugar, /t/nation, /ch/chef, etc.)

C31 (missing /s/vision, /ss/fissure, /z/azure, etc.)

C32 (missing /h/hoist, /wh/whose, etc.)

C32+C36 (missing /wh/ why, etc.)

C33/m/ jumps

C34/n/ brown

C35 (missing /ng/wing, /n/jungle, etc.)

C36 (missing /w/win, /-/one, etc.)

C37/l/ lazy

C38/r/ brown

C39 (missing /y/ year, /i/trillion, etc.)

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