Early Childhood Development-Pre[K]

Vowel-sorted language highlighting the advantages of early education:

V01/a/ advantages for both individual and society

V01/a/ language stimulation for crucial brain-mapping

V01/a/ tax revenue increases over time

V02/i/ improved classroom climate; better-behaved kids

V02/i/ increased skills and knowledge

V02/i/ inequalities and disparities lessened

V03/o/ cost-savings for academic remediation

V04/u/ success in schoolwork

V04/a/ attention-improvements, not attention-deficit

V05/e/ economic savings for school systems

V05/e/ engagements revitalized (parent-child, teacher-student, etc.)

V05/ea/ healthier kids and parents

V06/ai/ brain health; less depression

V07/igh/ higher education and achievement, overall

V08/o/ productivity enhancements

V08/ow/ lower attrition

V08/ow/ lower social/economic inequalities

V09/u/ nutritional advantages

V10/ee/ peer-learning improvements

V10/e/ reduced stress, crime, violence

V11/a/ marginalization minimized

V12/oo/ hook-ups for caregivers with support systems

V13/ow/ power to mitigate trauma and deprivation

V14/oy/ joy, as evidenced by singing

V15/ear/ earning potential improvements for ALL